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Basement Renovations in Toronto - The Change Your House Is Craving For

A well renovated basement is what everyone desires. Living in a cool and well renovated space brings us a lot of positive vibes, but Basement Renovations in Toronto sometimes turn out to be a mess when you don’t take expert advice and get it renovated without putting in much thought. Today we will take you around every detail which you must be well acquainted with before getting your basement renovated. So let’s get into the details.

What are some of the basement finishing benefits and options?

  • Increases the value of your home - Basement renovations not only makes your house look beautiful and attractive, but also increases the value of your house. In case you are planning to sell your house, and you have got your basement renovated just before the selling process will become much more speedy and smooth. 
  • Some extra income - If you do your basement renovations , and you are not planning to sell your house, then you can rent it out. After all, who does not like living in a well renovated place. This is definitely going to generate you some extra income on a monthly basis. 
  • Work/Life Balance - Maintaining work life balance is something which we all are facing in our lives. If you have a good renovated basement space, you can definitely turn some part of it into your gym or office workplace area. In this way you can avoid commuting and work and workout at your comfortable space.
  • A good storage space - We all know that housing these days is so costly, and most of us can afford a small living space only. Even after this we very often keep buying things for our house. If you get your basement renovated properly, then you can have enough storage space for all your shopping packages to fit in. 

How to look for an ideal basement contractor - 

Getting the basement renovated is not a difficult task, but getting the right contractor for sure is. An ideal basement company must fulfill the below details for you - 

  1. Proper attention to all the minute details.
  2. Competitive Pricing
  3. Friendly and attentive contractors
  4. Proper trained, licensed contractors.
  5. Accurate Scheduling of renovation as per your availability and need.

What to keep in mind before getting it renovated?

  1. Decide how you want to get it renovated.
  2. Set up a budget.
  3. Clean your space and remove all the belongings.
  4. Conduct a moisture test.
  5. Make sure to insulate your basement.
  6. Take care of all the electrical and plumbing needs.
  7. Contract a contractor to start the renovation.

Costing of basement renovation

If not handled properly, basement renovation can turn out to be a costly affair, so it is important to manage all the expenses properly and discuss the pricing with your contractor in detail beforehand only. Let’s see some of the factors on which the cost of your renovation depends - 

  1. Size of your space
  2. The materials you choose
  3. The layout as per your requirement

How much does a basic basement renovation cost:

If you are planning to get something basic then it will cost you around$30000 and if you are planning some end Basement Renovations in Toronto then it will cost you around $90000.

Requirements of a turnkey basement renovation:

A turnkey basement requires you to strip your basement back to its original and bare state, which will consist of removing walls, flooring etc. and redoing it from scratch. This means you have to put up new walls, insulate new walls, add a new gypsum ceiling and paint your entire basement. Few people also get new cabinets and furnishings as well. This will add up your cost and you will have to loosen your pockets more. 

What are the basement trends of 2023?

  • A small space for fireplaces - The thing which is quite trendy and looks really nice these days is an electric fireplace. By getting this installed you will get a soft and cozy look. This will also give you the warmth of the traditional fireplace which we very often miss now. This fireplace comes in two sided models as well, so you can use it for two rooms at the same time.
  • Soothing dark color palettes - Many people have a misconception that dark colors would not be soothing at all and they don’t experiment with it for their basements, but colors like dark blue, green and grey looks really comfortable and classy at the same time and many people have been adapting to this color palette these days.
  • Separate areas - Basements are most often used as a multi purpose area, where we spend most of our time these days. This has been in trend these days because people have started spending a hefty amount on this. The basement can also work as room dividers, if renovated properly. This means you can have more separate and personal space than before. 


Your basement can be your go to space for many of your day to day activities, but this is only possible when it is renovated properly and it has a proper space set up for all the things. As you all know, change is the only constant, and it is never the wrong time for getting new things around, so get out of your house, contact a leading basement renovation company and make your basement your happy place where you can spend a lot of quality time together with your loved ones.

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