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Turn Your Backyard into a Luxurious Location
for Your Selfies


By Alison Pearson

Taking a selfie has become a means of self-expression in the modern world. While some may scoff at the so-called selfie culture, the truth is that this trend is here to stay. So, it would be a lot wiser to embrace the trend, rather than fight it.

Now, taking a quality selfie depends on three things. The first one is the facial expression and the context of the selfie. Are you alone there? Is there any activity that you're trying to capture? Second, there's the quality of your camera. Finally, there's the scenery. There are a lot of people who specifically design their homes to be selfie-friendly. One’s backyard can become a paragon of this concept. Here’s what you should know about this.

1. Providing shade

The first thing worth mentioning is the fact that, on your selfies, you may need to have shade. Ideally, you would have a nearby tree. Not only is the tree a simple way to boost the resale value of your home, but it's also quite scenic. The problem lies in the fact that a tree may take 10 to 25 years to fully mature, and the one who is waiting to take a selfie doesn't have this time. The most important thing to keep in mind is that there are other means of providing shade. A parasol and a shade sail are two such methods.

2. A deck

Constructing a deck can make an impression of you being in an exotic resort instead of chilling in your backyard. Sure, you may not have the intention of misleading your audience, but if they were to make this assumption on their own, … why not? Keep in mind that the right deck alongside some suitable outdoor furniture may help you create more selfie options. For instance, selfies, where you're chilling, could be a perfect material for an afternoon social media story. The main reasons for posting selfies are to show beauty, enhance self-esteem, and convey happiness. With a deck, you can get all three.

3. Lap pool

Making a small lap pool in your backyard is something that the majority of people looking for a luxury transformation have in mind. Still, for the pool to be selfie-worthy, it needs to be cleaned and well-maintained. It means that you should clean it regularly (at least before taking a selfie), install a deck around it, and even hire someone to handle the landscaping around the pool. This way, you will ensure that pool itself is as presentable as it is functional. A lap pool is usually the best option for those who don’t have much space.

4. Oversized pot plants

Another useful thing with a backyard deck is the fact that you can find a way to make it look like a proper resort with the help of a couple of big pot plants. By doing so, you can add some texture to the background and, provided that you're taking a selfie from the right position, people might not even be able to see the actual pot. It will leave them with a fascinating image of shrubbery in the background. Those who have never been to your backyard may let their imagination run wild while trying to figure out where you are.

5. Outdoor fire pit

While an LED light will also provide you an opportunity to take great selfies in the evening, there's something far better. Making a fire pit in your backyard is such an astonishing idea for several reasons. First, it will give your backyard a luxurious look on a budget. Second, it will make the backyard a great place for all sorts of activities. One can use this hotspot to roast marshmallows or even grill on it. By gathering people in your backyard, you will create an ideal scenario for group selfies, which are getting more popular by the hour.

In conclusion

The most important thing worth keeping in mind is the fact that turning your backyard into a perfect location for selfie-taking isn't just a purpose-specific improvement. Adding more shrubbery to the landscape, constructing a deck, and providing some shade area are all functional upgrades that will benefit your household as a whole. They will add functionality, increase the resale value and, overall, help you improve your lifestyle. As for the selfie value, lifestyle improvement can be just as important.

Author biography:

Alison Pearson is an interior design student. She is a writer and a designer. Her ultimate passion is designing. She is a bibliophile and her favorite book is “The Sound and the Fury” by William Faulkner.

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