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Average Rent in San Marcos, CA

The US is quite a big country, and there are a lot of choices regarding where you can live. Living in a place that suits your budget and needs is one of the first steps to living a content life. You may be looking for a place to rent and are inquiring about average rent in San Marcos, CA.

Property in San Marcos, CA

The average rent in San Marcos, California, is around $2300 - $2500, facing a relatively steady increase. The average size of an apartment is around 903 sq feet but it can vary depending on a lot of things. The rent can depend on many factors, such as unit size, the number of rooms, which neighborhood it’s in, whether it’s a luxury space or not, etc. Owners usually live in their own houses, and a smaller percentage of houses are on rent. The demand for property, along with tax-increase causes the average rent of San Marcos to be higher than the national average of rent.

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About San Marcos, CA

San Marcos is in the North County region of San Diego County. It falls under the state of California (CA).San Marcos is a suburb with a population of around 100,000, so the area gives a dense suburban feel. The schools of San Marcos are highly rated. Unfortunately, the crime rate here is higher than the US average.

Neighborhoods in San Marcos, CA

Southeast regions of San Marcos are more affordable and safer than other parts of San Marcos. However, the northeast regions are more desired. Some of the best neighborhoods in San Marcos are San Elijo Hills, Santa Fe Hills, Twin Oaks, Richland Villas.

Average Rent in San Marcos, CA

The average rent in San Marcos is around $2300 - $2500. And, the average size of an apartment is around 900-1000 sq ft.

A lot of factors play a role in the cost of the rent. Such as neighborhood/area, size, units, quality, etc. The average rent in San Marcos is higher than the average rent in the US.

Living Spaces VS Rents

As mentioned, the rent depends on a lot of factors. Studio apartments here are usually the most affordable and smallest. Apartments of 1-4 bedrooms are also available and priced accordingly. One-bedroom apartments prices are closer to the average, while 2-4 bedroom apartments are higher but more spacious. Of course, there are both cheap and luxury options available for each type and are priced accordingly.

In recent times, studio apartment rents have spiked while other unit rents have increased at a relatively flatter rate. However, most living spaces in the area are occupied by owners, and a smaller percentage is up for rent.

Moving to San Marcos?

We assume you’re looking at apartment rents because you’re thinking of moving to San Marcos. The suburb is an excellent choice to live for both families and young single professionals.

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Bottom Line

Finding the most suitable place to live is the first step towards having a happy and comfortable life. Rents in San Marcos can be a bit high, but it’s an excellent choice to settle down in. We hope this article has helped you find the average rent in San Marcos, CA, and the factors that play in the cost of the rent.


  1. Why is rent so high in San Marcos, San Diego?

Like the rest of San Diego, San Marcos also faces high property demand. Most residents live in their own units, and a small portion is up for rent. Land value and property taxes are high, resulting in a high price on almost all goods and commodities, including rents.

  1. Is San Diego cheaper than LA?

Yes, San Diego is cheaper than LA. Even though rents and taxes in San Diego (such as San San Marcos) are pretty high, Los Angeles is still about 8% more expensive.

  1. How close is San Marcos to the beach

San Marcos is about 6 miles away from the beach. It takes about 20 minutes to drive to the beach from San Marcos state.

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