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Are Rugs Washable? Everything You Need to Know

Rugs Washable

Creating space inside of your home that makes you feel safe, comfortable, and recharge is a satisfying challenge. When it comes to creating a space, whether it’s at home or the office, one of the most powerful tools you can use is a great rug. Just as important as the furniture, or the color of the walls, rugs have this special ability to pull entire rooms together.

Rugs do more than just act as floor covering or texture, they are a piece of art that you interact with on a daily basis. They set the atmosphere and tone of a room like few other features can, and they can help to increase the levels of comfort and joy you experience. When it comes down to it, investing in good-quality rugs is one of the best things you can do for your home decor.

If you are a perspective rug owner, or maybe you have had rugs for a long time, then you may be wondering about the most obvious question - how do you keep them clean? Yes, having a high-quality rug will actually improve the quality of your space, but why pay for premium material if it’s going to be walked on?

Machine washable rugs are a great option for anyone concerned with having to worry about the maintenance of their area's rugs. If you have been curious about how machine washable rugs could be a benefit to your home, here is everything you need to know.

What Exactly is a Washable Rug?

When it comes to owning rugs, there are a lot of ways that you can keep yourself, and your rugs clean. A simple vacuum can go a long way to helping maintain a long-lasting, healthy, and sanitary rug. Easy rules, like taking your shoes off on the hard floors before stepping on the rugs, or even partitioning off the dogs from a certain area of the house can all help with maintaining the quality of your rug.

The only problem with that is that rugs, no matter where they are in your home, are a high utility item. This means, you will use them and try as you might, you probably will abuse them to some level. That is normal. Rugs are beautiful, and they do so much to create unique space, but they are made to be enjoyed and lived on.

That means things like accidents, dropped coffee, food, or even a muddy paw or two are bound to happen. This is life, and a rug is meant to help support your daily rhythms, not limit or impede them. So that’s where the power of a machineable rug comes into play.

These rugs are high quality, made from organic cotton, and are 100% machine washable. The trick is in the actual build of the rug. By using premium, high-quality material that is both durable and lightweight, you can have a rug that withstands the wear and tear of a washing machine.

Where Would You Put a Washable Rug?

Now, not every kind of rug will be washable. Sometimes you want a thick, heavy rug for a particular area of the house, and in those cases, you can rely on things like deep cleaning rug shampoos or other forms of cleaning. When you do have an area of the house or office that would really benefit from a beautiful rug, but sees constant foot, and or paw, traffic, this is where a washable rug can come in handy.

This could be the living room, or a back or front porch. In the kid's playroom where the amount of paint or playdough that gets dropped on the rug just doesn’t matter. These rugs are great for high-traffic areas because you won’t be worried about them. If someone spills their coffee or milk, all you gotta do is throw it in the wash for a quick clean.

What Kinds of Washable Rugs Are There?

You should never have to choose between utility and beauty. The most functional rug should still be beautiful and ready to pull any room together. So, taking advantage of the artistic freedom to choose the color and design that works best for you is important. There are also different washable rugs for different purposes, like the area rug, the long thin runner, or even a washable door matt style rug you can put right inside the house.


Getting the perfect rug for yourself or a loved one as a gift is a deeply rewarding experience, and you shouldn’t be limited by fear of your investment getting damaged. Having a beautiful rug should be simple, and worrying about the amount of traffic a particular area would put on a rug is a concern, then consider a washable piece. These high-quality, lightweight, and ultra-durable rugs might just be the perfect solution you’ve been looking for.

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