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Places Where Antique Mirrors Look Better Than Ordinary Mirrors

The vintage style mirrors offer the perfect way of infusing character into an otherwise dull and boring set-up— all thanks to their intricately carved frames, darkened rims, and distressed borders. These aristocratic pieces of art are perfect for covering gaps by adding a dash of glitz and glamour, especially in the households replete with Classy or Gothic themes, making the rest of your furnishing do double-duty. Your bedroom and bathroom should have at least one of these gusty reflectors each— and the living rooms, kitchenettes, and entrances can also benefit from their presence. Any space requiring some additional light or a touch of elegance could use some help from antique mirrors. Let us have a more detailed look into their undying magic and styling ideas.

Antique mirror backsplash for kitchen

antique mirrors

With the shrinking family size and gruelling work schedules, the time that we get to spend with each other is getting shortened day by day. No wonder that elusive weekend you get is best enjoyed in the company of the loved ones. And, what is a better way to spend family time than cooking a hearty meal and then relishing it together. The concept has given way to the trend of dining kitchens in a big way. 

The kitchen where you and your family are spending so much time deserves a nice makeover to make the place look lively, exuberant, and so full of elegance. And the easiest way to pull off a most dramatic makeover without much ado is simply by installing an antique mirror backsplash for the kitchen. It will not only add to the aesthetics but would also make the space look well lighted and spacious too.

Decorative antique mirrors for the dressing room

antique mirrors

Dressing rooms happen to be amongst the most significant places in your home where you tend to spend most of your time getting ready. Be it styling your hair, making the perfect knot out of the tie, doing an eye makeover, or adjusting the fitting of your corset, none of these is possible without the support of a full-length mirror

When you are bound to spend so much time in your dressing room, it makes so much sense to add a decorative mirror to the whole arrangement to make the setting look more appealing and exquisite. Introducing an antique mirrorto your dressing room will help serve both functions as decorative purposes in one go. 

Bedroom with luxurious looking antique mirror

antique mirrors

Your bedroom could use the undying charm of a beautiful and classy traditional mirror too. 

Adding a rustic or golden framed antique mirror to a bland wall can help infuse it with a fresh lease of life. Also, by introducing a pair of large, window-like mirrors, you could bring a sense of stability to an otherwise drab bedroom layout. A sizable vintage mirror can also help bring value to a master bedroom mantle. So, let your imagination run amok and come up with extraordinary mirror placements ideas to help lift your ordinary settings.

Large antique mirror above fireplace

antique mirrors

As the temperatures continue to descend outside, most of you might already be warming up to the idea of spending more time inside and embracing the home comforts. Days and nights spent by the fireplace during the weekend and otherwise are soon going to be a new normal, and consequently, you would be eager to have your mantels in top form— polished to perfection.

A mirror happens to be a hassle-free and yet the most effective decor medium that you could use to place above your fireplace to enhance the aesthetics. However, if you are willing to pull off the most dramatic impact, go with the vintage variants. Hanging an antique mirror in the combination of ornate plaster and baroque gilt framing is going to be a sure shot bold statement piece that could instantly converge the entire focus to your fireplace.

If you have a taste for contemporary decor, we recommend you to go with the popular sunburst mirror design in golden or rustic spikes to add more definition and aesthetics to your hearth.

Where to buy readymade top quality real antique mirrors?

antique mirrors

The market for vintage and old-classic mirrors is vast. With more and more households opting for antique mirrorsand placing them in more than one room of their homes, the demand has only increased. However, the genuine and excellent quality product is not that easy to come by.

Hence, it is crucial to buy these mirrors only from reputable and trustworthy sellers. Fab Glass and Mirror is a renowned retailer of the finest quality antique mirrors in the U.S., offering a diverse range covering several shapes and dimensions— Pick one of the available choices and bring home dramatic transformations.

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