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Save Some Bucks with These 8 Amazing
Bathroom Renovation Tips

When thinking about bathroom refurbishments, the first thing that comes to every homeowner’s mind is the total cost they would have to bear. This is because bathrooms are one of the most expensive living spaces to remodel. And that’s justified! They add the perfect value to any home renovation.

According to a 2021 report on Cost vs Value published by the Remodeling Magazine, homeowners who had remodelled bathrooms could recover 55% to 60% of the renovation money! So, your bathroom renovation plans are worth every penny!

However, even though it adds value, that doesn’t mean it should cost you a fortune. Here are a few budget-friendly bathroom renovation ideas for your next upgrade.

1. Renovate with a Plan

A major part of a successful renovation goes into planning. Randomly jumping into fixing your bathroom is the biggest mistake you could make.

Once you start to draw out a plan, you will realise all the things that need to be done. If you don’t plan it out properly, you will end up going out of budget. So don’t be under the impression that you won't require planning because your bathroom is small. Even a small space requires thought processing and proper execution.

2. Decide Whether You Need Replacing or Fixing

While renovating, you get two options – you can either replace or fix things. If replacing is on your mind, going ahead with a tight budget is impractical.

However, if you don’t have enough funds to aid replacement, fixing things is what you should go for! But there are some instances where fixing is not an option. A constantly clogged toilet, plenty of cracks leading to persistent leakage, or regular repairs that go over your budget are some problems where replacing is a wise choice.

But if funds are coming in between you and your dream to have a great bathroom, taking a low-interest personal loan is useful. Whether it is for home renovation or bathroom fixing, this loan is a perfect fix to your financial issues!

3. Go for Affordable Floorings

Here’s a secret – luxurious-looking fabulous bathroom flooring doesn’t always cost an arm and a leg! There are tons of options available, and they will come within your budget.

For example, vinyl can be a great alternative if you want a classy stone look. Vinyl is elegant, affordable, durable, waterproof, and comes in different varieties. It won’t even feel heavy on your pockets! You can also get in touch with the experts from vinyl flooring seattle if you're interested in vinyl floors.

4. Always Keep an Eye Out for Deals

Sometimes, buying cheap products that look similar to expensive ones is not wise. They may look like exact copies, but they are not the same quality-wise! The cheap chrome-finished taps may not be able to bear any wear or tears and will end up costing you more in repairing.

In this situation, spending on good-quality products will save you money in the long run. If you want to grab the amazing stuff, wait for some fantastic summer or winter deals!

5. Mix It Up for a Reasonable Lavish Combination

Mixing things up is a pocket-friendly solution when you have luxurious dreams. For example, mosaic tiles are expensive. Applying them on the entire bathroom floor will fall on the heavy side of the scale.

But if you mix mosaics with ceramic tiles that look like marble, stone, or wood, they give out a fabulous luxurious feeling! Marble ceramic tiles with blue mosaic ones add an exquisite look to your bathroom.

Being on a budget doesn’t always mean you have to be boring. Combining it up is one way to save smartly.

6. DIY Comes to the Rescue

There’s nothing better than quick do-it-yourself fixes to save some bucks! You can do so much on your own. Minor bathroom cabinet fittings, painting, grouting, these are just a list of tasks you can take up!

Bottom Line

Setting a budget is subjective. What money range works for you might not work for some. Whether you have a big budget or a smaller one, it shouldn’t stop you from getting creative. There are many money-saving ways to remodel your bathroom the way you wish to! These fundamental tips can get you started with an amazing bathroom renovation experience. Some upgrades like tile fittings, changing showers, etc., can go a little overboard, but with creativity and great planning, you can make your bathroom a luxurious retreat!

Author Bio:

Tanya Singh

Tanya Singh works as a Content Marketer at LoanTube – a loan comparison marketplace where borrowers can connect with multiple lenders via a convenient and transparent application. She writes about topics related to personal finance and loans helping her readers in making smart decisions when they need to borrow. Yoga brings her inner peace and strength, and traveling brings her joy (besides her work of course).

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