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Tips to Use Aluminum Bifolding
& Sliding Doors for Home and Garden

By Catherine Park

Repairing your kitchen’s plumbing, or any area in your home, can feel like a hassle. Luckily, there are ways to make the process a lot easier. One way is to look for a gas plumber in Rozelle if you want to go the professional route. However, if you want to try some home improvement, there are tools you can buy in order to do so. Here are a few of them.


Who doesn’t love wrenches? They are the iconic way of fixing pipes, and sometimes, all you need is a twist and the pipes are repaired. Buying a couple of wrenches can help you out quite a bit if there is a plumbing problem, but which wrench should you get? Here are a few options to aluminium sliding windows Newtown to help get you started...

  • Pipe Wrench – This is a wrench that’s large, and its purpose is to help remove or tighten nuts on pipes. You may need two in order to use it properly.
  • Basin – This is a wrench that’s in a T-shape. It allows you to tighten or loosen faucets. If you have a leak, sometimes a basin wrench is what you need.
  • Adjustable – Do your pipes have hexagonal nuts? If so, these adjustable wrenches can help. They come in different sizes for different kinds of nuts.


Sometimes, you may need to cut into a pipe. Here are a few cutters you or a plumber may use:

  • Hacksaw – Yes, a plumber uses a hacksaw. We wouldn’t recommend using it if you have no experience, however. Sometimes, you may end up hurting yourself if you do just that.
  • Tube Cutters – This is another cutter that makes it easier to deal with plastic or copper piping. Just purchase one and give them a try.  
  • Torch – Once you cut into a pipe, you can then seal it by soldering. This is what a plumber uses in order to make sure your pipes have no holes in them. Alternatively, they may use tape to make the process easier or use it to patch any leaks they come across.

What About Clogs?

When you think of a plumber, you may imagine them clearing up a clogged toilet. What do they use to do this? Here are a few tools:

  • Plungers – We all have used or own a plunger. A professional plumber may use a plunger that’s more specially equipped to remove the toughest clogs.
  • Auger – This puts a cable in your drain via a crank and helps you clear up a stubborn clog. There are cheap augers and more expensive ones for professionals.
  • Snake – A plumbing snake is an auger, but more motorized. This is good for when the clog is deep or super tough.

Safety Equipment

Finally, if you’re going to repair your kitchen, you have to be safe. Having some goggles to protect your eyes, or gloves to keep a strong grip or protect your hands from injury are just a few pieces of equipment you may need. Also, heat shields can help you if you’re handling a heater. When repairing something, make sure you think about safety first. You may regret it.

Call a Pro

There are many reasons why some may be scared of a pro. You may be looking for landscaping Brisbane and see pricing that’s ridiculous. At Glebe, we believe in fair prices and professional service. If having all of these tools feels like too much of a hassle, that’s because it is. Instead, you should contact the pros and see what they can do for you. Soon, your kitchen plumbing will be good as new.

Catherine Park is a Freelance Content Writer. “I like to swim, cycle and run a lot. When I’m not doing all those, I love to read and try new things.”
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