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Advantages of Having a Video Doorbell
for Your Home

A video doorbell is a useful device in homes today. It not only improves home security but also offers convenience to homeowners when they are not at home and allows them to keep a check on their home and kids when there is no one to take care of them. So, it offers a less stressful lifestyle and an easier way to keep connected with your home, even when you are away from home. There are many other advantages of having a video doorbell at home.

The video doorbell can be used as a way to warn intruders from entering your home. When a video doorbell is installed in a visible place in your home a trespasser will think twice before they break into the house.

Acts as a Warning

When a potential thief approaches your door and sees a doorbell camera installed, they think twice about trying to break in. Therefore, if they discover that your home is equipped with this type of security measure, they will probably pass through your home and look for easier targets. This will act as a warning that if they try to break in, there will be video footage and they will eventually get caught. Even if the recordings are missed in real-time, they will be recorded and so later they will eventually be identified and caught.

Easier to Collect Evidence

Video doorbells are not only helpful in offering real-time video but also help record videos in order to be used later. In case of a robbery and someone breaking into your house you want to inform the police and get your valuables back. However, police need evidence to catch the culprits in case of a home invasion. Oftentimes it is difficult to collect that evidence. However, when you have a video doorbell it becomes easier to provide proof. This is also beneficial when you want to file an insurance claim to get a payout.

Home Deliveries Can Be Easier to Keep Track Of

Have you ever expected your luggage to arrive, but said you weren't at home when the delivery person appeared? Doorbell cameras can be used to resolve disputes about when a courier actually came to the door. The doorbell camera is also useful for delivered packages in front of the door.

For example, if your camera has remote monitoring capabilities you can regularly check live video feeds from your smartphone or another mobile device to confirm the arrival of your package. That way, you can get out of sight of potential thieves and get home as soon as possible to safely put the package inside.

Keep an Eye on Who Comes at the Door

Perhaps you are cooking dinner after a busy day at school, or you are enjoying a college football game on a lazy Saturday afternoon and don't want to be bothered by uninvited visitors. When you connect your Wi-Fi doorbell camera to your smartphone, you will be notified instantly when motion is detected or someone rings the doorbell, so you can effectively monitor your visitors. This saves valuable time by ignoring stranger visits and not missing out on family and friend visits.

Built-in video doorbell cameras, such as the Google Nest doorbell and Ring video doorbells, detect people approaching the door, knocking on the doorbell, or ringing. You can watch the live or recorded video on your smartphone at home or on the go. Thanks to this invaluable security feature, you don't have to open the door to strangers.

Video Doorbell

Your Home Insurance Bill May Be Lowered

Insurance companies are increasingly offering discounts to homeowners installing smart home security devices. Installing a doorbell camera can improve home security and reduce insurance premiums. This is a great advantage for homeowners as home insurance adds another layer of security for your home.

It Has an Amazing Camera

Like any other camera in your smart home security system, you can watch live feeds from your smart doorbell's high-quality cameras anytime, anywhere via your smartphone. In addition, night vision technology provides excellent images of night-time visitors.

Have Two-Way Conversations with Visitors

When you're alone at home or busy, you can use the video doorbell to have a two-way conversation with an outside caller with the door closed. You can even talk remotely on your smartphone, and visitors won't even notice you're gone.

This intercom style feature is useful when you're working, working outside the city, or jogging. Thieves often aim at homes that look empty. So if someone answers when they ring the doorbell, it looks like they're talking from inside the house, especially if they're not at home, because they may be intruders.

You Can Leave Your Kids Alone at Home

Keeping your child at home can be a stressful situation, whether they are with a babysitter or alone. No matter how loud they protest that they didn't invite their friends it is difficult to ensure. By checking the video footage of your electronics through your app, you can know if your babysitter deserves your trust. You may also be relieved to be able to talk to your child while you are away using the bidirectional audio feature of the video doorbell. Plus, if someone comes to the door when your child isn't at home, you can check out the live video feed.

Final Thoughts

As mentioned in the article above, the doorbell camera is a great tool for integrating with your home security system. Given the above benefits, it is easy to see why this smart home device installation is a versatile smart move.

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