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Advantages and Disadvantages of a Roti Maker

Making a roti is indeed an effort taking and time-consuming task. Roti is a south Asian delicacy and it is a challenging task for many household women to make soft, round and fluffy rotis. People who have a tradition of adding a roti with their meals cannot eat the meal without a roti. It is an essential component of their meal. Roti is not only delicious but it is also very filling. It is used with many types of vegetable and meat curries and lentils as well.

What is a Roti Maker?

Roti maker is a device that has helped many people around the world to manage their schedule and timings efficiently. A roti maker helps to make soft round rotis within a few seconds and with very less human effort. A roti maker is no doubt very beneficial and effective equipment for your kitchen. An electric roti maker even saves you from the effort of rolling the dough and making of dough balls. These electric roti makers use heating and pressing techniques to help you save a lot of time and effort. Roti makers help to minimize human labor and the time consumed for roti preparation.

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Roti Maker

There are many types of roti makers available in the market. Many brands are making roti makers due to the increase in its demand in the last few years. However, finding a best roti maker that will fulfill all your needs is no doubt a difficult task. Following is a list of some advantages and disadvantages of roti makers to help you find the best one to fulfill your needs.

Advantages of a Roti Maker

  1. More Taste and Flavor

A roti maker is an electronic device that is designed to distribute the same amount of heat and pressure for every single roti made. However, human made rotis can be different in taste, shape and size etc. many people prefer man-made rotis. They even claim that machine made roti is less in flavor and aroma. However, this is not true. Many surveys regarding the roti makers suggest that many people recommend a roti maker’s roti over a man-made roti and even find it more tasteful and aromatic as compared to a man-made roti.

  1. More Healthy

A roti maker distributes the heat and pressure evenly for all rotis. This makes sure that every roti made through roti maker is well cooked and properly baked. Wheat is the most common ingredient for roti making in the Southeast Asian countries. Therefore, to make a roti healthy it is important to cook it properly but to make sure that all the nutrients also remain there and do not waste due to overcooking on the stove. That is why a roti maker is considered to be a healthier option as it evenly cooks all the rotis properly.

  1. Great Value for Money

A roti maker is considered to be a good long-term investment. It helps you to save money on the gas bills. A roti cooked on a gas stove takes a lot of time as compared to the one made on an electric roti maker. Therefore, by using electric roti maker you will save gas. The time you will save will also be beneficial for you as you can invest this time in some other beneficial activity.

  1. Good Option for Beginners

There are many people who fail again and again is rolling round rotis. Not only the beginners, but sometimes many experts also fail to cook soft round rotis as it needs effort and time. It is therefore recommended for beginners to opt a good roti maker to make their life easy. The beginner only has to prepare the dough and the rest is done by a roti maker.

  1. Very Easy to Use

Roti preparation is not an easy task. Roti makers however have made the life so much easy by reducing a lot of effort and time that previously people used to invest in making a soft, round roti.

Disadvantages of a Roti Maker

  1. Sometimes Become Dangerous

Sometimes a roti maker can prove dangerous if you do not buy one from a reputed brand or a reliable resource. The cheap roti makers can make delicious rotis but they are not made to be heat or shock resistant. They can cause accidents and can lead to dangerous situations.

  1. Cleaning is Difficult

An electric roti maker is not easy to clean. Whereas a traditional round board and roller used for making rotis is far easier to clean. An electronic device always gets dangerous after cleaning. You have to make sure that the device is totally dry before the next use to avoid accidents.

  1. Not Suitable for Commercial Use

A roti maker is a domestic product that is suggested to be used at homes and not in restaurants. It is therefore recommended that if you are planning to open a restaurant, then do not consider buying a roti maker. This will only be an extra weight on your pocket with no use and benefit in the future.


The above article has mentioned many advantages and disadvantages of a roti maker in detail to help you understand whether how much a roti maker can be beneficial for you and your kitchen!!

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