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The Advantages of a Radiant Floor Heating System

Radiant floor heating is achieved with an electric radiant floor heating system. This can be installed easily and these floor heating systems are available to source online. There are many advantages to using heated flooring, and we shall consider them during this article.

Easy to Install

The ease of installation makes heating our flooring a job that can be tackled by a DIY-er rather than needing a professional. The same can be said about baseboard heaters, and there are also some baseboard heating alternatives that you should be aware of. This will cut down on installation costs. It is also the reason so many householders are opting for a heated floor to provide that extra warmth inside their home so that they feel snug and secure.

Available in rolls with the heating cables attached, heated floor systems are an easy install as they only need to be rolled out and cut to have them fit a room. The alternative, hydronic systems, require instead a professional to install them, adding great expense.

A cost-effective home improvement will be one that you are far more likely to contemplate, and the advantages below are the reasons why.

Uniform Heating

If you want the heating to be the same for all your flooring, without having draughty areas, then a heated flooring system will prove the perfect solution. Its heating will be the same all over and a constant.

It is good to experience an ambient temperature around your body. Underfloor heating, which does not rely on vents to determine which part of a room is warmer, will ensure that the entire floor is heated evenly.

No Maintenance

The fact that electric floor systems do not require maintenance is a bonus where there are enough other jobs to be getting on with around the home. They will come with long guarantees for peace of mind too.


Because floor heating systems will use radiant heat to warm the people and objects within rooms, they do not, during the process, disturb dust or allergens. This is the problem with the forced-air systems on the market. They blow around the dust and particles as they distribute heat, which will play havoc with allergy sufferers.

No Noise

A floor heating system produces no noise, compared to a system that blows out the air to keep us warm. There can be enough noise pollution within our home, when we have a large family, without adding a noisy heating system to the cacophony of sounds.

Underfloor heating is known for being particularly quiet, compared to systems that force their air out when running and make lots of noise when kicking in.

Energy Efficient

It is understood that electric floor heating is 25% more efficient compared to forced-air systems. The reason for this is that they do not allow an escape route for heat to get away once it is produced. All the heat is retained for your warmth. The forced-air systems in contrast use ductwork that will be susceptible to leakage.

Floor heating of the radiant kind can prove, in the right circumstances, effective to heat an entire room, even a complete house.

With all these advantages, it makes sense to make floor heating your next home improvement. The radiant heat provided is a better solution than when it is force-blown by other less efficient heating systems.

From a cost point of view, the installation costs can remain your own when you can do the job yourself with an electric floor heating home improvement. Then no further maintenance should be necessary after that. To improve health, the dust is not blown everywhere like the alternative heating systems available because it is radiant heat. Another bonus to floor heating is that it does not create any noise. Also, it will provide energy-efficient heating when we are all striving for that within our homes.

It makes sense to keep all parts of our body warm while inside our home when there is the opportunity to achieve it.

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