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Tree Care: Advantages of Regular Professional Tree Trimming

Trees are a beautiful part of any landscape. They provide:

  • Shade
  • Protection from the sun and wind
  • A peaceful environment for human beings to enjoy.

However, trees need regular maintenance to keep them looking their best. Tree trimming is cutting off branches or other parts of a tree that have grown too long or are interfering with other plants or structures. This is not just an aesthetic procedure, it's also necessary to keep the tree healthy and strong. There are several advantages of getting commercial tree trimming services.

Reduces Hazardous Fallback

The most common reason to trim trees is to reduce the hazardous fallback after a storm. When a tree is not pruned, it can develop branches hanging down or overhanging structures. If a large limb breaks off during a hurricane or other natural event, it can fall back towards whatever it was growing over and cause property damage or injure people. Regularly pruning the trees will help avoid this hazard by reducing the amount of foliage that hangs low enough to be dangerous.

Improves Air Quality

Air quality can be improved by regular professional tree trimming. The most significant improvement is in reducing airborne particulate matter, or PM10, a measure of tiny particles suspended in the air. The smaller the particle size, the greater its ability to penetrate deep into the lungs and cause short-term inflammation and long-term lung damage. In addition to PM10, tree trimmers will also reduce fertilizer and pesticide emissions, which can contribute to poor air quality.

Promotes Better Growth and Health

Regular professional tree trimming, from businesses such as ArborPro Tree Experts, promotes better growth and health by reducing the risk of disease and insect infestation and providing valuable nutrients. Fungi, bacteria, viruses, and parasites cause the most common conditions that affect trees. These organisms attack a tree's leaves, bark, and roots. When left untreated, these diseases can lead to the death of a tree.

However, regular professional tree trimming can help prevent these diseases by removing dead or diseased foliage and branches. Removing dead or diseased foliage also reduces the amount of moisture available for fungal growth on the trunk and limbs of trees, which helps reduce the risk of infection.

Improves the Value of a Property

Trimming a tree can improve the value of a property by making it more appealing to home buyers and enhancing its curb appeal. This is because decorated trees are generally healthier and more aesthetically pleasing, which makes them more desirable to potential buyers.

Regular professional tree trimming also helps prevent damage to other parts of a property. Trees with branches that hang too low can cause damage to roofing and siding if left untrimmed. The roots of some types of trees can also grow into plumbing pipes and cause flooding problems around the house if handled only occasionally by professionals.

Helps the Tree Get Better Exposure to Sunlight

The process of photosynthesis is how trees obtain their energy from the sun. The quantity of photosynthesis that occurs in a tree depends on how much sunshine it receives. When removing unneeded branches, more leaves receive more sunlight, which increases the quantity of photosynthesis that occurs. The tree will be a lot healthier as a result.

Tree trimming is essential for maintaining a healthy and well-kept tree. The process can help keep the tree safe from disease and other dangers and allow it to grow better. Tree trimming should be done regularly by a professional who is trained in the practice.

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