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What are the Advantages of
Free-Standing Kitchen Cabinets?

Back in the '40s only the sink was the only stationary item in the kitchen, all cabinetries were movable. The popularity of free-standing homecraft cabinets took a backseat.

Today, homeowners favor more practicality and appeal in their kitchen space. And there is a well-deserved renewal in the popularity of freestanding cabinetry.

All four faces are polished compared to the standard stock cabinet with only the front side. You can move it anywhere and still have the backside clean, which can be exposed.

Rearrangement has never been easier with free-standing kitchen cabinets. Pick a spot, carry it, and leave it there. You have to bring down fixed cabinets, repair the marks left on the wall, and mount it on its new space. This involves lots of physicality and some likely patch-up jobs for damages to the cabinets from the move.

Kitchen Space

Free-standing kitchen cabinets, free space. Perhaps you are hosting a gathering and need additional kitchen space, these cabinets will serve you well.

It allows you to make full use of space in a tiny kitchen. Movable cabinets can widen the room in certain areas to make way for a kitchen aisle, a table, or some chairs for seating.

For homes with open floor layouts, the rear face of a high, free-standing cabinet can function as a boundary or a room partition. This will expand the space of your small kitchen or a nearby room with nominal outlay and effort.

If you get bored with your kitchen design, you can simply change the layout or remove the cabinetry for additional kitchen space.

The elevated cabinetry makes the floor visible underneath and increases the sense of space in your kitchen.

Mix up Cabinetry

The free-standing cabinet can be used as a prep table that can be positioned in the center of the kitchen or can function as a kitchen island. This blends well with the existing cabinetry and appliances.

If you’re not happy with the appearance, get the look that you want with a simple cabinet refacing. You can paint the open sides and bottom with a dark color and the top with a contrasting shade. Or apply veneer to the door surface, along with the replacement of hinges and knobs. Be creative and improve the appeal by replacing wood doors with frosted glass and brush the interior with the same tone as the outside surface.

You can combine free-standing cabinets, use fasteners, and instantly have a kitchen island.

The furniture can serve other purposes as a makeshift clothing closet, a bathroom cabinet for housing towels and other accessories, or a bedroom cabinet.


Free-standing cabinets are not fixed like wall-mounted cabinets, you can move them anytime and anyplace you wish. It is made of light materials that can be carried by one or two people for rearrangement or maintenance purposes. Avoid overdoing movements. It will eventually damage the merchandise, find an arrangement that you’ll be pleased with, and maintain it.

It has legs that can be extended or reduced so you can adjust them on an uneven floor to avoid tilting. For sure, the legs won’t be appealing so if you don’t want them seen cover them with border boards.

The cabinets are raised from the floor for easy vacuuming and mopping underneath. Since they are lightweight, they will make the kitchen look spacious and cheerful.

After assembling a free-standing cabinet, installing is just about finding a perfect space where it’ll fit and leave it there. Conventional cabinets have to be manually installed on the face of the wall and more work when rearranging. There’s a lot of physicalities involved and the merchandise might be damaged from the activities.

Atypical Format

Rather than scheming over your existing cabinetry, you’ll spend less time and effort with free-standing cabinets since the top and bottom cabinets are matched. They can be more easily installed than conventional ones.

Since the cabinet is not fixed to the wall, it can if desired, rearrangement is easy, much the way furniture is moved.

Portable cupboards with the right improvement can be the focal point of your kitchen. It can also serve as a divider to separate sections in the house.

The cabinet has legs leaving space underneath for easy vacuuming and mopping. Casters can be attached to the legs for pushing instead of carrying when moving the furniture.

This piece of furniture has finished faces on all sides, you can either back them up to the wall or place it at the center of the room. Solid wood is used on all sides rather than just the front as in the case of stock cabinets. Since all faces are finished, the cost of labor and materials makes it more expensive than conventional cabinets.

Only a few manufacturers produce free-standing cabinets, hence designs are limited.

Free-standing kitchen cabinets were popular in the 1940s and are making a comeback because of the things that made it appealing during their heyday.

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