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How to Add Victorian Elegance to Your Décor

Victorian Elegance

Various eras in history introduced interesting styles that can add more flair to your home. Victorian era interior décor can make your home feel more elegant, so you may wonder how you can add that style to your house. Here're six different ways you can add that Victorian-style to make your home feel more elegant and beautiful.

Get an Electric Fireplace TV Stand

A TV stand is a great way to show off the Victorian décor in your home. While TV stands aren't a standard type of Victorian furniture, you can still find one in that style. After all, you most likely have a TV in your home, so you should purchase a TV stand that will work with your other Victorian furniture.

While you could purchase a TV stand in a Victorian-style, you could take it an extra step by purchasing an electric fireplace TV stand. These stands will heat your living room, give you a place to put your TV and fit in with your Victorian décor. Just make sure you check out Tim Arnold's so you can pick out the right electric fireplace TV stand for your home.

Buy Some Furniture

Modern furniture doesn't have the same elegance you will see from Victorian décor. Instead of standard cushioning and a rectangular shape, you will get tons of curves on the back of the furniture. You will also get colorful and enticing cushioning built into the furniture and wooden trim to make it stand out in your living room.

Keep in mind that Victorian furniture will be more difficult to maintain than standard furniture. For example, you can't remove the cushions to clean them, so you should avoid eating on them. However, you will add more style to your home, and you can look into other types of Victorian furniture, such as chairs or tables.

Utilize Rugs

Many people forget to use rugs when they want to add more style to their homes. You can easily look into Victorian rugs that you can put in front of your furniture or in other areas of your house. This will depend on where you think it will look good since you don't want the rug to clash with the rest of your room.

Luckily, Victorian rugs will have various colors available, so you should find the type that will complement your rooms. For example, if you have neutral colors in your living room, you should stick to similar colors when you pick a Victorian rug. Either way, a Victorian-style rug will stand out and add more variety to your home.

Update Your Doors

The Victorian era has beautifully crafted wooden doors with intricate designs to make them stand out. You could look into replacing your doors with Victorian ones if you want people to notice the finer details of your home. If you don't have the money to replace all of your doors, you can just do the front and back ones.

You can also add new doorknobs that will fit your Victorian décor. Victorian doorknobs usually have a metal look to them that makes them seem solid and beautiful. You can look through the different options to find gold, iron or other types of metal that will work for your preferences.

Add Chandeliers

Chandeliers are beautiful hanging pieces that can add to the aesthetics of your home. You can either replace your current chandeliers with ones that will fit your Victorian décor, or you could add new ones to your home. For example, you could add a chandelier over your dining room table if you want to add more light and beauty to the room.

However, you can't add chandeliers without planning ahead. If you want them to function properly, you will need to wire them into your electrical system. This means you will need to contact a professional about the installation process if you want the best results. Either way, chandeliers are always a great addition to homes.

Update Your Walls

Victorian era walls usually have paintings on them and unique wallpaper that makes the place stand out. You can look into the wallpapers available and pick the ones that will match your other Victorian décor. You will find plenty of wallpapers in various colors and styles to meet your needs.

You should also put some paintings and mirrors on the walls. Paintings add to the Victorian-style, especially if you choose pieces with nature or elegant people in them. However, you should make sure you don't cover your walls in paintings or mirrors since they will overwhelm the rest of the room. Just pick a few that will add to the décor.

The Victorian era offers tons of options to make your home décor beautiful and elegant. If you want to add this style to your home, you should look into the options available for Victorian-style décor. This will help you spice up your home in a way that will add more elegance while making yourself feel comfortable.

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