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How to Add Security in Garage Gate

It’s the weekend & you are putting together all your tools in your garage. You are ready to go upstairs and rest, but then you notice someone looking at you from a distance. He looks like a neighbour but upon keen observation, you realize that he isn’t. He has been noticing your garage for quite some time and is keen on stealing your stuff, probably because he has seen no additional security in your garage. And honestly speaking, he isn’t wrong and all. If you do not add any extra security, chances are people will think they can rob you whenever they like. That’s why it is really important to add additional security to your garage gate. If you are wondering how to do that, keep reading this post.

Light It Up

It is so important to make sure the light in your garage is shining bright. Burglars usually like to steal at night and many prefer dark shadows so that they don’t have to get caught in all their shady attempts. That’s why make sure you install flood lights near the doors and windows so that your burglar will think several times before they can even think of breaking in. You can also consider motion-sensing lights to keep the garages safe.


Despite lighting up your home at night, you will be surprised to know that many burglars also like to steal during the daytime. That’s why you need a proper bush or well-placed tree near the window and garage door. Make sure all the shrubs and extra trees are removed from the entry points. All thorny shrubs need to be done away with too. This will easily discourage the burglars from breaking into your apartment.

Lock the Doors Properly

The next thing you need to do is lock your door properly. You may also consider using a garage sensory door or automatic garage door. Having a sensor is a smart idea in today’s world as it will tell you when the door is closed or open. It will also help you detect burglars if they are somewhere nearby. You may also consider getting an automatic door lock if you want extra protection. It will automatically lock the garage doors after you are done using it.

Hide the Stuff That You Can

Now, this is something you should always keep in mind. Make sure that you hide stuff you easily can. Many of the deceivers will scan your house for major clues. Having an uncovered window that slows all the best goodies could also be motivation for burglars who want to settle in your apartment in order to steal what they want. You can also try blinds or inferior curtains. However, you can also use an adhesive window covering materials too if you like.

Rethink the Remote Too

Never keep the garage door openers well clipped on the car visors. Burglars who have their own garage door will basically look like having one key into the house and as a result, they will not hesitate once they have found it. You can also consider the garage door opener by simply replacing it with a remote that you can keep whenever you want. You may also consider getting a smart opener in order to close and open the garage door from your smartphone.

Shield the Lock

Many security tips also recommend using the help of a zip tie so that you can easily cut the emergency cord in order to remove threats. This will also help in ensuring garage safety. However, there are better solutions to these things. You can use garage shield covers like emergency cords to make sure the thief is unable to get in. While this is inexpensive, it is also quite easy to install. Not just that, it improves the door security while ensuring that you keep your cord accessible, especially during emergencies.

Protect Service Doors

Usually, burgers are able to slip into your apartment with the help of a decent side door so that they can break away and enter from your neighbour’s prying eyes. Many garage service doors use standard locks which can be defeated with a kick. Consider toughening up your doors with a deadbolt and make sure you are able to replace the door’s weak point, especially the strike palate part. Just having 3-inch crews will help you get desired results.

Install Security Cameras

Apart from all of this, if you wish to do something additional, make sure to install security cameras. They are a major deterrent to the burglars who are preying upon your house. Once the camera begins recording, they will be able to mark all the features, physical attributes, and clothing too. If you wish, you can also get a motion-activated camera that will give you a better and more detailed understanding.You can buy these products on the internet quite easily actually. Some of them will also check the status of your garage door so that you are always on the safe side & far away from troubling and prying eyes.

If you wish to give your garage door a new look or are keen on getting gates repair, then make sure to connect with us right away. We would love to help you out with all matters related to gate repairs. Not just that, you may also read up some of our blog posts to understand this better.

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