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How Much Does AC Repair Cost? A Price Guide

AC Repair

Before you call an HVAC contractor, you might want to try some troubleshooting tips first to confirm that your AC is broken.

For example, if your AC isn't turning on, you should check the power to see if it's not a tripped circuit or a blown fuse that's causing the problem. You should also try turning on the fan to know if you're dealing with a blower problem or a thermostat issue.

Of course, if you'd rather leave those tasks for a pro, that's your choice, but if you're worried about money and asking, "how much does AC repair cost?" then it helps to understand what could be wrong with your unit.

That said, let's talk about the prices you can expect for having your AC repaired, plus some tips on lowering your repair costs.

Let's Get to It: How Much Does AC Repair Cost?

Repairing an HVAC will cost around $300. This includes the fee for a basic service call, as well as the fees for labor and parts.

Now, don't forget that this average cost can go higher or lower depending on a number of factors. For window type units, repair costs might be lower. If you own a more complex system, though, like a ductless mini-split unit, your AC repair cost is sure to be higher.

The severity of the problem will also dictate how much you would spend on air conditioning repair. Something like a faulty circuit board or clogged air filters are easier to repair, which means you might not spend a lot. Of course, the operative term here is "might" because even if your unit only requires some of its parts to be replaced, these costs can add up.

Make sure to crunch the numbers to see if it makes more financial sense to buy a new HVAC system than to replace multiple parts.

Lower Your AC Repair Costs: Some Tips to Know

To avoid expensive emergency repairs, stick to an HVAC maintenance schedule. That means you should have your unit serviced at least once a year. Following this schedule will ensure that smaller problems don't become major headaches down the line.

For older units (10 years or older), replacement is a better option. Not only will you save money on repairs, but you'll also enjoy savings on your energy bills because newer ACs are more energy-efficient.

Another tip to remember is to choose a reliable air conditioning repair contractor. HVAC companies that have been in the business for years understand their customers' needs. They can make repair costs more affordable by offering to finance, as well as payment plans.

Want to Know More About Maintaining Your HVAC System?

Now that you know the answer to, "how much does AC repair cost?" why not take this time to learn more about your HVAC unit?

For more tips and advice on maintaining your furnace or AC, feel free to browse our site. We also have many home improvement articles, as well as posts on other interesting topics such as health, travel, and more that are worth checking out.

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