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3D Virtual Walkthroughs:
What It Is and Why You Should Use It

3D Virtual Walkthroughs

Whether you are a Real Estate Developer or simply someone wishing to sell or lease your property to a customer browsing through their options to find their dream home, it is indeed very important to be able to present your property in a manner that is highly enticing and appealing to them.

Nowadays, the Pandemic has unfortunately made it quite cumbersome to be able to physically show your customers around your lot. Merely sending them photographs and images leave much to desire, which in turn impacts sales.

What can be the possible solution to this problem?

A 3D Virtual Tour, of course!

What is a 3D Virtual Tour?

Covid-19 has completely transformed the face of social interaction; in this Age of Social Distancing, the Real Estate industry, which is heavily dependent on face-to-face interaction with clients, is turning towards an array of new and high-end technologies such as 3D Rendering and 3D Real Estate Walkthroughs to effectively advertise, market and display their properties virtually.

3D Virtual Tours make use of high-quality images captured on 360° cameras and CGI, edited with powerful applications and stitched together to combine the interiors and exteriors of your property, to effectively recreate a real environment in the virtual format.

This renders a photorealistic depiction of your property, which clients can then go through and conceptualize!

Types of 3D Virtual Tours

Among the 3D Rendering Services offered by Plus Render, there are two types of 3D Virtual Tours; 360° Virtual Tours and Virtual Reality Walkthrough.

360 Degree tours allow customers to virtually navigate every individual space in your property from a static point and also lets them explore the features of the spaces in near life-like detail and depth.

Virtual Reality Walkthroughs are based on the technology of rendering realistic 3D models of your property using CGI. Here, a fully-interactive environment is created which in turn shows off not just the interiors, but also the exteriors and surroundings of your property. The interface also allows the customers to change furniture, materials, lighting, etc on the virtual property according to their preference, thus giving them more room to examine the property in accurate detail!

What Are the Benefits of 3D Virtual Walkthroughs?

Apart from the fact that 3D Virtual Tours allow you to effortlessly showcase the building layouts of your property with life-like detail, they have several other benefits too, such as-

  • Time-Savers for Clients
    Virtual Reality tours of properties are major time-savers because if someone wishes to check out a huge plot, it can be quite time and energy-consuming. 3D tours eliminate this problem, and a property can be effectively explored by a client at their fingertips, literally!
  • Easily Accessible
    With the help of these simulations, a client can easily visualize every detail of the property. It is highly accessible, as all it takes is for you to send the custom URL Link or QR Code of your property, which the client can then access on any compatible device, from smartphones to VR Glasses and Headsets!
  • Highly Immersive and Convenient
    A Virtual trip of a property is highly immersive and interactive, and various features which might escape the eye on site will immediately be noticeable in a 3D rendering, making it possible for the client to zero in on them. Virtual modifications can also be made by the customers and they can explore their preferences much better.
  • Anytime, Anywhere!
    Whether you upload the 3D Tour publicly on a website or send it specifically to some customers, it is available all the time. 24-hour availability is considered quite ideal, especially when it comes to property, where careful considerations can be made over long periods.
  • A Step Closer to the Future
    As we continue towards our quest for comfort, virtual tours can be considered the future, because it eliminates the need for multiple trips towards the site, and easily, one can check out multiple options from the comfort of their home.
  • Independence for the Client
    The client can spend as much time exploring the property, which is not possible in a real-world setting.
  • Cost-Effective to Create
    Creating a 3D Virtual Walkthrough is a one-time affair, and can be done in a day. The cost of services for this exercise is much less than what it would cost for maintenance and labor charges otherwise when clients would repeatedly visit the property.
  • Realistic
    A 3D virtual tour of a property is much more realistic for a potential client than a simple blueprint of a 2D floor plan, or just the pictures of the property.

Some Tips to Create a Good Virtual Tour

The virtual tour must check off the following points so that it provides the best possible experience for the clients.

  • Should be highly detailed.
    A 3D rendering must include all the fine details of the space you wish to create a walkthrough of. So, it is advised that upholstery and furniture should be kept to the minimum, and unnecessary items moved out before creating the rendering.
  • Lighting must be optimal.
    The Lighting of your space must be perfected, preferably by a professional, so that in the 3D Walkthrough, there are no spots that do not remain well lit and other spots where the lighting is too bright and flushed out to see detail.
  • The Camera must be set at the Average Eye Level.
    While setting up the camera, make sure it is not too close to the ground or too high up.
  • Use the Highest Quality Equipment.
    Professional equipment must be used to create the 3D Walkthrough. A good quality 360-degree camera must be used, with the ISO, Aperture, and Exposure properly adjusted.

    In the case of creating a rendering, the coding must be highly up to date and fluent, so that there are no glitches.

    Afterward, for the Editing, use the latest quality software to stitch everything together. Make sure that once the VR tour is created, it is flawless. There must be no graining or blurry patches.

Now that you know 3D Virtual Walkthroughs of Properties are the next ‘it’ thing, find out more details about it, here.

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