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Zorbing Safety Measures and Guidelines


Zorbing is getting more and more popular worldwide. With the privilege to buy online now you’ve everything in hand from color choice to the type you are searching for. 

The humongous size of the sphere with pretty enticing design and cool bounding experience gives you the ultimate fun outdoor sports activity that is capable of catering to everybody. From kids to young adults Zorb balls are one of the most favorite activities till date when it comes to trying out adventures.

When you talk about the safety of the Zorb ball, it depends if you have taken precautionary measures to not. These water globes are certainly safe.

Zorb ball is made with high-PVC material that instantly lets you walk on water, skate on snowy ground and hilly incline surface. There are many sizes in a Zorb ball and that means you get the best that suits you the best. But like anything there are some parameters that can make zorbing a rather dangerous game too. If you are looking for a zorb ride, knowing some tips beforehand would be worthwhile. Read on!

What is the Downside of a Human Hamster Ball?

Apparently there are not any major disadvantages of the human hamster ball itself. However if you have any health condition like hypertension, digestive issues, zorbing is not a recommended activity for you. Moreover, people who are suffering from scoliosis, osteoporosis should also hold back from zorbing since it involves a lot of rolls, abrupt movement and energetic activities.

If you are overweight, zorbing becomes a challenge for safety parameters. There is a recommended weight and height limit for zorbing which should never be overlooked. For a person who has.5 feet and weighs about 95kg, zorbing would not be a smooth experience. Also zorbing solo is better than going with a partner for safety concerns. Ideally, the weight should not be 100kg provided the height is 4'5'' to 6'5". For water zorbing the total weight limit should not go beyond 200 kg.

Mainly there are two types of zorbing such as dry Zorb ball and hydro Zorb and saddle Zorb. However with prefers and unlimited joy it; there are some of the risk factors as well that come along. The best part is you can readily overcome it only if you know what those risks are. Off you go!

Dry Zorbing Risks

Dry zorbing means rolling on the ground. For that the ground should be leveled and there should not be any pointy object that can otherwise become a reason for puncturing in the sphere layer. It is best if the ground has a declining incline.Although the ball will handle the light object but for safety always keep the way clear and smooth.

Wet Zorbing Risks

Wet zorbing is also known as water walking balls. Zorbing on a superficial water surface is awesome and fun. But the air supply inside is minimal. Therefore you need to be careful about the proper air intake. There are reported cases of suffocation due to poor ventilation inside the Zorb ball. Due to less oxygen and more carbon dioxide, the water Zorb balls are more likely to cause suffocation hence you shouldn’t be in there for too long.

Zorbing rules for Keeping Safety Alive

The moment you hear about a Zorb ball, happiness and excitement finds its way to be around. And if you want to make this experience a memorable one, following the tips and rules would be a wise decision.

  • The first and foremost rule is, you should not bump into others while tilting the Zorb forward. It can be dangerous.
  •  Make 100% sure that you do not wear zip-up clothes with fabric that has tussles and ornaments on it. Also keep your pocket empty so that nothing can fall out to hurt you.
  • Try not to wear any jewelry, watch, bracelet or any other add-on. Keep light to enjoy the ride.

How is a Zorb ball designed?

If you know the design on the Zorb ball, you can better understand its dynamics and how it works. As mentioned above it is made up of PVC plastic and other material that keep the material flexible enough and trough for durability. The hamster ball is usually 10 feet in diameter which is 3 meters. Its inner diameter is 6 feet to 7 feet which is about 3 meters. On the other hand the outer air cushion should be about 50 to 60 cm.

Talking about the thickness of a Zorb ball it is usually about 0.8 mm which indicates towards its 0.03 inches thickness. To ensure further safety there are multiple nylon strings that connect the outer layer to the interior layer. However the material used in a Zorb ball isn't harmful for humans.

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