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Gallup Poll Finds Young Americans
Trust CBD Benefits

By Maria Rodriguez

Confidence in cannabinoids (CBD) health benefits is stronger in younger Americans. This is according to a recent Gallup poll, which also highlights rising confidence across all age groups. The poll found that 78% of participants who knew of CBD believed that there were health benefits to some degree.

At least 64% of all participants knew what CBD was. People often get THC and CBD confused, of course. Here is a quick primer.

hemp extract

Next Green Wave, Inc. Weighs In

Over the last decade we’ve seen an exponentially increasing demand for CBD and CBD-derived products across multiple consumer channels and verticals, from food items to healthcare, beauty, and cosmetics.

Companies such as Next Green Wave (NGW:CSE | NXGWF:OTCQX) have had to remain agile, quickly adapting to the growing and evolving needs of consumers. For example, their brands now include those tailored to multiple sub-niches ranging from athletics to pet health.

Products from the brand span a range of mediums including CBD tinctures, doggie treats and more.

THC and CBD Facts

Both THC and CBD come from the same plant, but affect the body in very different ways. CBD is the second-most abundant cannabinoid in cannabis plants, but there are numerous plant strains out there that have higher ratios.

The types of concentration variations most common include:

  • High-THC strains with low CBD
  • Hybrid strains of equal amounts THC and CBD
  • High-CBD strains with low THC

There are also strains of high-CBD that have only trace amounts of THC, thereby separating it from standard marijuana regulations. This would fall under hemp-related laws, which is a bit of a gray area under today’s current legislation but may be legal at the state level in those states with legalized cannabis laws on the books.

Those CBD strains with a higher potency do not get the user "high" or affect their motor skills. In fact, CBD-derived medicine has recently been approved by the FDA for use in children to treat some forms of epilepsy, pain, and anxiety.

Mainstream Approval

As CBD products begin to surface on major retailers' store shelves, public perception of the supplement has shifted. Younger generations who did not grow up seeing "Reefer Madness" and other marijuana propaganda are approaching CBD without the associated stigma of years past. They are more open to hearing about the health benefits, which is why 41% of adults 18-24 in the Gallup poll say there are "a lot" of health benefits.

Right now, you can find topical CBD products at Kroger, CVS, Walgreens, and Rite-Aid. This isn't the same thing as hemp seed oils and balms, though. Those products have been available for years without any issues. The passing of the 2018 Farm Bill in December last year made it legal to manufacture hemp products on a federal level.

According to Next Green Wave, Inc., they have seen a real and powerful movement in the industry, with societal constructs of the past evolving and paving the way for legitimizing CBD as a valued and respectable health aid.

The Farm Bill
The Farm Bill eliminated hemp and hemp extractives of CBD from the Controlled Substances Act. The Farm Bill also permits states to regulate hemp and CBD extracts. This results in states ruling whether they still consider CBD as a controlled substance even if it contradicts the 2018 Farm Bill at the federal level.

This bill has opened the door for more businesses to invest big in hemp and CBD products. The reason why CBD topicals are showing up on shelves first is due to the softer regulation of cosmetics. There aren't actually any pre-release testing required for cosmetics.

hemp extract

The FDA’s Stance
The FDA is preventing food or supplement-related CBD products from approval as of right now. They are dragging their feet on how to move forward and regulate CBD consumables. This is the final step to complete mainstream exposure for CBD.

Closing Thoughts

CBD is well on its way to becoming just another product on the shelves at the local convenience store. As it edges closer to mainstream acceptance and approval from the FDA, public consensus on the product will solidify. In the meantime, the CBD market shows no signs of slowing down among the millions of raving fans and users worldwide, a trend that savvy businesses such as Next Green Wave, Inc. are capitalizing on in order to invest in the future of the industry and superior product quality for consumers.

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