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Where to Find the Best Yoga Holidays in Europe?

By Joel Snyder

Yoga is a relaxing and beneficial activity people love. But what if you could do it in an amazing place as well? There are many European destinations that promote their yoga retreats. So, which are the best?

If you are interested in finding great places to experience yoga and relax, look up some of these wonderful yoga destinations:

Santorini, Greece

What if you could do yoga in that perfect Greek sunshine? One of the most relaxing experiences in Europe comes from Greece and Cyclades islands. There is a boutique hotel with pool facilities and they offer two day classes for all levels. The teachers are warm and welcoming which will only add to your enjoyment. You have optional tours as well and you can enjoy numerous activities here. The yoga is balanced and based on breathing so you will be able to completely unwind.

Ibiza, Spain

Even though Ibiza is famous for being a party destination, it can also offer you an amazing yoga and relaxation holiday. The classes are gentle but will be powerful and you will find yourself balanced and happy. It’s located near two villas and surrounded by beautiful nature. You’ll be able to eat delicious meals and have healing baths. You can also have an organic detox retreat and many other types of retreats.

Cliffs of Moher Retreat, Ireland

In this place you can have stunning views of the Atlantic and enjoy the calming nature of the eco-friendly, green yoga studio. You can enjoy a hot tub, a sauna and great food from the gardens which this retreat owns. You can take yoga and hiking weekends, meditation classes, massages and free time to enjoy this area completely. It’s truly a magnificent place with high contrast of greenery and nature and dark blue ocean.

Wild View Retreat, Portugal

“This yoga retreat is a perfect place for relaxation. It’s a huge manor converted into a retreat that welcomes guests who love yoga. You can expect yoga classes, meditation and mindfulness classes, walks, nutrition lessons and great food while there. You can also do a juice fast and cleanse your system while boosting your immunity. It’s remote, fun and an extremely enlightening experience,” says Lora Stanley, retreat manager at

Huzur Vadisi Yoga Retreats, Spain

In the Cabo de Gata national park, you can find this amazing yoga retreat. It’s hosting great yoga holidays that reside in a stylish and bohemian home. There are two natural swimming pools that you can enjoy, you can take a week of restorative yoga and expect great food. Besides all of that, the food is great and regenerative, and you can enjoy the beautiful landscape. You have many options for fun and relaxation in this place and this is one of the reasons you should visit it.

Value Your Mind Retreat, France

This is a beautiful place in St. Tropez where you can experience all of the wonders of yoga. There are vineyards and mountains as well as beaches and great activities. It’s run by people experienced in mental health and wellness so you can trust them completely. There are classes every day, guided walks, tours and trips where you can experience the beauty of the island and so on. Groups are small and the focus is placed on each individual and their needs. You can enjoy the pool or swaying hammocks in your free time. You also get great food.

Nova Milesko, Hampshire

“This yoga retreat is located on a farm and it offers expert guidance and advice. You get many meditation, yoga and workshop sessions and it’s focused on wellness and relaxation with breathing exercises and many more benefits. You can choose which techniques you like and enjoy them at your own pace. You get vegetarian meals straight from their gardens and you can have a wide variety of choice when it comes to rooms,” says Tiffany Hamelin, writer at PhD Kingdom and

Yoga retreats are amazing for relaxation and experiencing tranquility without the stress of your regular life along with people who came for the same reasons you did. It can be a fun experience to have with friends or alone. The best part is that you get a lot of value for your money and that you get to experience Europe through yoga and enjoyment.

Joel Snyder is personal yoga and fitness trainer and writer at Next CourseWork. He enjoys helping people to get fit and healthy as well as creating articles about things that excite him.

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