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Does Yoga Help To Boost Confidence?

Being confident is to feel secure in one’s own skin, have self-assurance and faith in oneself. It’s a conviction that one can swim through challenges and even succeed in any undertaking. Yes, it is possible to have our confidence wavering from time to time. Still, a genuinely confident individual is aware of their potential - that they can find a way to emerge out victorious in the end. Confidence is not just liking who you are but also making others comfortable and feels good around you. It’s a lot more than being self-engrossed, indeed!

Yoga as a practice has gained much popularity all over the world in the last few decades. It is an ancient practice that aims to unite our mind, body, and soul. Conventional wisdom and science prove that yoga can help improve our mental capacities, boost our sense of well-being and confidence. The calm we enjoy after a session of yoga triggers a positive message. It relieves stress and strongly elevates a sense of self-confidence and pride in our being. And, as we start to experience the “feel-good” factor, we also notice the world perceiving us differently — as a strong individual with a palpable sense of self-worth or value.

What Does It Mean To Have Low Self-Confidence?

To lack confidence is to live in self-doubt, be critical of yourself, lose your identities and sense of belonging. The major causes of a lack of self-confidence are everyday stress-inducing activities like personal and professional commitments, trauma, or sudden changes that catch us off guard.

Low self-confidence is now an epidemic, more so triggered by our sedentary lifestyle. If we hadn’t nurtured our confidence well, especially when growing up, lack of confidence would hinder our progress and growth later. But yoga can be a savior. It’s hard as you dive deep into it and slowly begin to realize the intensity of training required to master the yogic poses or breathing techniques. But practice makes perfect. Several studies show that yoga is beneficial in raising our confidence levels and improving our self-esteem. Curious to know how? Read on to learn more:

How Does Yoga Help Your Mind And Body?

Yoga is more than just physical exercise. It becomes a way of life. Yoga has been known to help to improve our focus, flexibility, patience, and core strength. Here are a few ways in which yoga makes you stronger and helps you build confidence:

  • Yoga unites you with your inner self, stimulates your senses, and helps you discover who you are.
  • Yoga requires you to stay present, let go of thoughts that worry you, and center yourself every single time your attention wavers.
  • Yoga pushes you to practice self-love and be kind to yourself.
  • As you begin to train your body to be disciplined and follow a routine, you learn the art of staying grounded; learning, unlearning, and relearning what you have known before.
  • Some poses in yogic practices are physically demanding. Yoga teaches us that life will be just the same, beyond our comfort zone and that with sufficient composure and training, we can win great battles.
  • Yoga helps us cope with and relieves feelings of anxiety and depression.
  • Yoga can help treat several physical ailments. When we are physically sound, we are mentally strong.
  • Yoga teaches us that everything we need to fight our demons is inside of us. As long as we tune in and discover our hidden potential, we can use our strengths to take charge of our lives.
  • When we slow down, look inwards, and search for answers in the quiet, we find clarity to decide and find solutions. In short, yoga teaches us that we only need to tap into our wisdom and inner knowing.
  • Yoga teaches us to appreciate ourselves. Several heart-opening poses nudge us to open up, become vulnerable, and honor our bodies.
  • Yoga teaches us the art of balance. It helps us strike a chord with our environment and handle our everyday challenges with sound judgment.
  • Yoga as a form of physical exercise elevates our mood and promotes pleasure as it triggers the release of happy-hormones like serotonin, oxytocin, and dopamine.
  • Yoga helps us find peace as we find tolerance and positivity in the mundane. It teaches us the value of contentment and letting go of the urge to seek validation or chase an ideal.

How Does Yoga Help You Build Confidence?

The answer to this is an absolute “yes”! With yoga, we learn the virtue of gratitude, acceptance and appreciation of what we already have. In an endless spiral of juggling our triumphs and upsetting moments, yoga shows us the path of escape as we seek joy within ourselves — without the need for external agents to shower us with pleasure or satisfaction.

Niyamas, which mean “duty”, are integral to the practice of yoga. They help us build a positive relationship with ourselves. We begin to face the hard truth: unless we establish a sustainable relationship with ourselves, we cannot live with anyone else.

As we begin to push ourselves to try a difficult path or a variety of asanas (poses) to achieve the same goal, we learn the beauty of diversity and tolerance. So, rather than defending ourselves or rejecting change, we learn to flow. We begin to let go of our attachments and fears that prevent us from achieving our true potential.

With yoga, we set our intention to achieve a state of ever-lasting santosha (contentment), one that is beyond temporary. It is to realize that we are already good enough, content with who we are and what we own because no one is like us.

Yoga shapes us into a well-rounded personality, one on the path to harmonizing the mind and the body, not fretting what people think. It improves the quality of life and affects our overall well-being. As we learn to de-stress with yoga, it boosts our morale and confidence. But is that easy? No! The mastery of yoga takes a lifetime, but you can start with baby steps. A little each day will take you a long way. After all, isn’t this the whole idea of practicing yoga? That is, look for the joy in the process, and the rest will fall in place!

Ramya Karamsetti

Author Bio:

Ramya Karamsetti loves writing articles on beauty, health, and wellness and advocates using natural remedies to solve everyday skin and hair issues. She is a contributor to StyleCraze.Com, Goodmenproject and many more. When she is not writing, she loves traveling and going on adventure trips.

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