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Xanax for Stress –
Is It the Right Medication for You?

Xanax for Stress

Everyone undergoes bouts of stress once in a while; it comes with being human. But what feels happens when it too much for you to bear? Though many people can handle the occasional stressful situations that arise in their lives, some find it much harder to deal with tough situations and intense emotions. Even when you are a strong person, sometimes life hands you a hurdle that you have never encountered before. The loss of a loved one, losing a job in this economy, or dealing with a mental issue are some of the things that heighten stress levels.

Stress has become so common in our society that depression and suicide levels are steadily rising all over the world. Educational institutions that are supposed to be safe for children are now structures that hold teenagers who are bullied or dealing with personal problems at home. These children, who have barely experienced the adult life, are stressed and depressed and choose self-harm, harming others, and suicide as their way out.

There is no easy way to tell someone how to deal with stress, and the best you can do as a relative or friend is to listen when they need to vent. Some people engage in other habits to mask their thoughts and feelings. While smoking, drinking, doing drugs, and engaging in rampant and unchecked sexual behavior may help you take the edge off, it is only temporal. You have not faced the source of your stress.

Xanax for Stress

Ways You Can Deal With Stress

There are a couple of ways you can combat your stress at home. Apart from getting adequate rest and sleep, an improved and healthy diet, a simple walk, jog or workout can improve your health and reduce stress hormones. Cut down on your smoking, alcohol, and coffee intake since these stimulants aggravate your stress.

Also, to support the growing numbers of individuals suffering and finding suicide an optional solution to eliminate or at least reduce stress, more medical institutions are sprouting. These institutions come in the form of rehabilitation centers and the introduction of more psychiatrists and psychologists in the system; here you can talk to medical professionals if you feel that your stress levels are affecting your mental health.

Some other smaller but thoughtful and effective ways include the creation of support groups. Members of the community create a haven where you can talk about your challenges. Maybe you are battling an alcohol or drug addiction, divorce, trying to quit drugs and you are experiencing withdrawal – Xanax withdrawal and Xanax detox, for example, are not easy to get through.

Everyone handles stress in different ways, and as long as you are not harming others or yourself, no one should judge you for that. Unfortunately, society can be a little uncaring when they tell you to ‘deal with it’ or talk to a therapist. True, a therapist may help in some cases. In others, you could be having an underlying mental problem where talking alone may not help; which where medication such as Xanax comes into play.

Xanax for Stress

Xanax For Stress

A member of the benzodiazepine family, Xanax is potent and yet an effective relief for anxiety. On the one hand, stress can cause anxiety, and on the other, anxiety can lead to depression and stress. Xanax acts as a sedative by slowing down activity and excitement in the central nervous system; this way, you can stop over-thinking and get some mental rest and sleep.

Instead of finding ways to get this drug without a prescription, be safe and talk to a doctor first. You will get a safe dose depending on your condition, advice on other things to avoid while taking it, and hopefully, a warning detailing Xanax withdrawal should you feeling like upping the dose on your own. Also, your doctor will ensure you have no underlying conditions that may cause a negative or fatal outcome.

Ideally, while Xanax can ease your tension and stress, it has an addictive risk. Your brain determines the neurotransmitters that are involved in calming you down and Xanax changes how your brain performs this task. Meaning if you take a higher dose than recommended by your doctor, you will alter how your brain functions when handling stress; making it reliant on Xanax.

Addiction is not the only thing to worry about if you aren’t taking Xanax exactly as prescribed. Doctors know the risks that come with this drug, which is why you should not use another person’s dose to ease your stress or get advice from the pharmacist. Other serious risks include overdosing and death. Once you get to that dangerous stage, the only way to save your life is by weaning and taking you off the drug, and Xanax withdrawal symptoms are harsh and worse than your pre-existing condition.

Side Effects That Come with Xanax Use

Almost every medication that targets the brain comes with side effects, whether you may notice them immediately or not. Now that you know that it is probably wise to take caution with Xanax, there are known unpleasant side effects that may occur when using Xanax.

Feeling a little tired and drowsy are some of the common side effects when you take Xanax. Your speech may also sound a little slurry, you may feel a little woozy and unbalanced, and you may have some memory problems for a while.

However, if you experience a pounding heartbeat, muscle tremors or convulsions, and random agitation or hallucinations, make sure you call your doctor at once. Other side effects that would warrant immediate medical assistance include depression and suicidal thoughts or sudden spurts of energy that encourage unruly behaviors that put you at risk. Overall, due to its short half-life you may still experience Xanax withdrawal symptoms after using it for a short period and ceasing your use suddenly.

Final Thoughts

It is easy to bow to pressure in believing that you do not need a doctor or a ‘shrink’ for help with stress and mental issues that may be eating away at you. Don’t fall victim to the assumption that obtaining Xanax without prescription is an easy fix. Take a moment and think about it. Would you rather risk getting addicted, overdosing, and going through a Xanax detox that is tough? Or would you rather take the safe route and deal with stress appropriately? Make the right choice.

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