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5 Unexpected Ways Writing Can
Transform Your Health

Writing transform health

These days not many of us spend time writing down their thoughts; even fewer do it daily. It might seem that there are more important things to do or that there isn’t enough time to spend on writing. However, you might want to reconsider that after reading our article: after all, writing can transform your health in unexpected ways.

It’s important to note that some of these benefits go with particular kinds of writing — freewriting or diary writing. Therefore, if you want to maximize the writing’s impact on your physical and mental health, consider trying these writing practices.

So, how exactly writing can transform your health?

1. You will sleep better.

Getting enough sleep is vital for our productivity, concentration, and happiness. At the same time, not everyone really gets enough sleep. According to last year’s statistics, 35% of Americans don’t get the recommended seven hours of sleep each night.

If you are suffering from any type of sleeping disorder or simply struggling to fall asleep because there are so many thoughts running through your head, consider writing a journal before going to bed. It does calm the nerves, helps you get the disturbing thoughts out of your head, and improves sleep as the result.

2. You can learn better.

Most of us type instead of writing by hand. True, typing does seem a lot easier than writing; however, writing by hand can actually make you a better learner and help you memorize the information better.

Studies show that the physical act of writing takes longer than typing: therefore, you have more time to memorize the information you’re writing down. Furthermore, during the handwriting process hands send signals to your brain and help build motor memory.

3. Your mind will remain sharp.

How often do you forget that you have to do or buy something unless you write it down? If this happens often, this doesn’t mean that something’s wrong with you specifically. These days even young people have poor memory capacity — just because of the age we’re living in.

We digest an enormous amount of information on a daily basis. We know and learn more than our predecessors; therefore, our brain sometimes struggles to remember all that information.

Writing improves mind

4. It helps go through cancer better.

Cancer is a disease that affects so many lives and makes people feel miserable not only physically but also emotionally. While writing doesn’t cure cancer, it helps deal with it better.

Pouring your thoughts in a journal is a good way to overcome any life struggles. It also helps feel more optimistic and overcome depression related to this disease. Furthermore, writing also helps lessen the stress that cancer patients experience.

5. It improves your mind and body.

Freewriting and diary writing doesn’t simply help you feel better instantly — it also has its positive effects in the long run. Various researches show that such writing improves mood and well-being, reduces stress and symptoms of depression, and could even decrease the time a person spends in the hospital.

While such benefits are the most visible when a person sticks to a writing habit, they won’t disappear instantly when one stops writing on a daily basis. Nevertheless, it’s still good not to abandon the writing habit for too long. After all, the main and the most obvious perk of writing is that it helps us understand ourselves better — and it’s easy to get off track once we stop exploring ourselves through writing.

There are other great benefits of writing as well, such as an ability to express ourselves better, both in writing and in speaking, a way to understand that there are so many great things in your life, and so on. While most of them develop the most when you practice journaling, for others any kind of writing is great.

This means that you can change yourself even a bit if you start writing anything more often, from journal entries to quick notes and essays. Maybe, as a result, you’ll start writing college assignments just as well as academic writing services’ authors can. Or maybe you’ll decide to assign some of your paperwork to such services and focus on more personal writing (like journaling) that will help you understand yourself better.

In any case, now that you know how much writing can benefit your health, you’ll hopefully turn to it more often.

Did you practice journaling before? Do you do it now? Do you know the other benefits of writing that you want to share with us? Please share your thoughts and experience in the comments below.

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