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World Post-COVID-19: How Our Lives Will Change?

From being in a situation where the entire world was put into a lockdown phase to manage the coronavirus pandemic, we have moved into a phase where we must learn how to live with the coronavirus and the next big question is, how are lives will change post-pandemic. These are some of the predicted ways by which we can see the changes in the global scenario...

● Highly changing job market scenario

The jobs done by labour would be replaced by machines to increase productivity and also for cost-cutting measures. Technology would become an indispensable medium when it comes to both big-time and small-time businesses. The capital holders are ready to invest in machinery rather than human beings for producing more output. This will further widen the unemployment rate of the informal sector of the country. The companies would try to work on having less number of employees in the office and to maintain the workforce count by working remotely itself. 

● Social distancing, the new norm

Social distancing is not a great deal in the countries where the population is way too less. When it comes to the countries, where the population levels are way too high, trying to maintain social distancing is a herculean task. The public transport system must be enhanced and the footfall in the stations must be monitored. Until the end of 2020 or until a vaccine has been invented for controlling the disease, social distancing would be the way to fight this pandemic. Also, better sanitary facilities would do the right thing.

● State oriented political system

We are living in a highly globalized world where the entire world has become one. Anything that happens in one part of the world can significantly impact the other parts of the world. The businesses calculated in terms of profit-making and shifted their bases to countries where they can make easy profits. Right now, in the current scenario, the world rethinks its strategy of inducing protectionist measures where the produced would be consumed within the borders itself. The dependency on other countries should be bought down drastically. But, when the countries start closing down on borders very drastically, then the recession like situation would lead to depression. 

● Rise of Asia

The global financial crisis of 2008 already did predict that Asian economies wouldn’t get affected by the recession situation. COVID-19 affected Europe and other countries in the region and the countries despite being economically strong weren’t able to fight against the virus very effectively. The Asian economies despite being not so strong economically can fight it back with the umpteen number of pharma facilities available. For instance, an Asian economy like India has become the world’s largest exporter of basic pharma capsules like paracetamol during this pandemic.

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