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Getting Closer to World of Beer Restaurant and Bar

The World of Beer is not just a regular bar. More than that, the World of Beer is where you can share joy, happiness, and the best food to accompany your party. The menus provided in this bar are pretty various, with the food options up to 50+ from the menus. Here is the detail:


The fries that are served in World of Beer are pretty versatile. You can get the Mac & Cheese, Tots, Coleslaw, potato fries, or even the best signature one as jasmine rice. All of the fries are using the selected ingredients. World of Beer is devoting its best to provide the most fun drinking experience for you and your friends.


If you need some main course for your dinner, you go to the right place if you choose the World of Beer. In this bar, you can also get the best steak ever as salmon steak, ribeye, steak frites, pork schnitzel, chicken steak, and the best one is beer-battered fish and chips. Most of the bars is not providing food like this. Most of them are only bringing you chips or even a bit of less-variated food, but in the World of Beer, you can get more than 50+ food variations starting from the dishes for dinner, lunch, and signature cuisine and also the side dish. What are you waiting for? Grab your phone and called up your friends to partying in Beer Near Me now before the seat is all filled with people. 

German Pretzel

German Pretzel is a delicious Bavarian bread. This bread has strong and crispy on its skin and intensely soft on the inside. You can get the salted German Pretzel, the delicious one, only at the World of Beer. In here, you can drink the high-quality beer, spend some good time with your gangs and eat the best German Pretzel with mustard that super-yummy.

World of Beer

WOB Chicken Wings – Traditional

World of Beer Chicken wings that served in this bar is not a small deal. You will get the chicken wings processed manually one by one instead of using the automation machine. This method can ensure the taste of each wing. The best thing about this chicken wing compared with the other chicken wings out is the chef uses the traditional method and recipe to cook it one by one. You can choose a lot of chicken wing variants starting from the BBQ, Dry Rubbed, Garlic Parmesan, Sweet Fire, and many more else!

Boneless Wings

Are you preferred to eat the wings without the bone? Well, you can have one on the World of Beer. Our Boneless wings are perfect for anyone who doesn't want to get messy on their drinking occasion.

The chicken that is used in this food is totally organic. They are processed manually and served with celery as the seasoning. If you like cheese, you can also choose the blue-cheese for your wings.

Beer Cheese Nachos

Tortilla chips are the best choice in drinking occasion, here in World of Beer, you can get the best cheese nachos that made from the tortilla chips that combined with the beer cheese and the amber ale. Not only that, but the nachos are also combined with the yummy sour cream, Jalapeno, back beans, cilantro, and also tomatoes. Describing this food has already driven me hungry. 

Mahi Mahi Tacos (2 or 3 tacos)

Mahi-mahi Tacos is a favorite food for everyone. In World of Beer, you can get the blackened Mahi, the signature dish in World of beer combined with grilled tortilla on a gas grill, plus covered with tartar sauce and cilantro.


Are you keen on Asian cuisine? Indeed, in World of Beer, you can get the best Bibimbap ever in the World. A marinated steak with the spicy Gochujang is perfectly combined with the sauteed mushroom and several veggies starting from the carrot and cucumber. This cuisine is excellently served with kimchi and a fried egg on your plate.

Pimento Cheeseburger

Do you like the extraordinary food? Well, you can try to order the Pimento Cheeseburger. What is Pimento Cheeseburger? This is a burger that using a patty made from Angus beef. This burger can be classified as a high-quality burger because you can get a various filling as the manual-grilled beef, pimento cheese, candied bacon, special chipotle and BBQ sauce, lettuce, onion, plus the brioche bun as the final cover.

What is the legal definition of beer?

For the general definition, beer can be described as a beverage that containing alcohol, or some people called it an alcoholic beverage. Since it has some alcohol inside, the government in the World classified beer equal with the other alcoholic beverages as wine, vodka, whiskey, sake, arak, and so on. Hence, the distribution and the regulation towards this beverage are ruled in the particular standard. For example, in the US, beer is regulated as an object that same with wine and the other alcoholic drink, then the distribution should be following the rules which cannot be sold to the individual under the particular ages and the export of the product will be regulated further. 

Is beer always carbonated?

Yes, beer is always carbonated. Why? Because it is using the method of fermentation in making the beverage. In that process, the beer will create the carbon that makes the beverage look bubbly. Is it dangerous? Nope, instead of being dangerous, this condition is totally safe and creates the signature sensation in drinking the beer.

How does beer become an alcoholic?

The beer can contain alcohol because it uses the process of fermentation in its making process. The water combined with the barley, yeas, and several ingredients is placed in a drum and aged for a particular time. From that process, the beer will become carbonated and create the alcohol that can warm the drinker's body. Any beverages else that use this method, especially the drink that is using the fruits as its elemental composition, will indicate the same result and contain alcohol. 

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