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Workplace Safety -
Occupational Illnesses and Injuries

Workplace Safety

In any workplace, workers are susceptible to several different injuries that they may acquire in their workplace. And these are the most common occupational injuries and illnesses:

Acquired illnesses

This is most commonly seen in the health care setting wherein health care workers are at risk of contracting diseases from patients they take care of. Infectious diseases are the most common problems. This can range from conditions transferred through droplets from the respiratory system to illnesses that are transferred through body fluids like blood. Covid-19 is one of the most common occupational illness these days. You Can contact an expert lawyer to discuss more about Worker's Comp Claim for Contracting Covid-19. Complete personal protective equipment (PPE) can adequately protect these workers from acquiring different diseases.

Chemical injuries

When workers handle hazardous chemicals, they can suffer from different accidents. Chemical burns are common. Respiratory conditions may also be results from exposure to certain chemicals. For these, the use of personal protective equipment is also vital.

Accidents in workplace traffic

This can be seen among workplaces that make use of vehicles. Some workers can get run over, they can fall off vehicles, or they can damage office properties and eventually result in injuring another worker.

For this to be avoided, drivers of workplace vehicles should be well trained. Special training for controlling special vehicles should be provided when necessary. The use of signals or alarms is also an important step. Proper traffic inside this particular work should be maintained.

Electrical injuries

Most offices require the use of electrical appliances. This increases the exposure of employees to electrical injuries. These can be acquired from the simple act of plugging an appliance. It may also be possible from coming into contact with live electrical wirings. Injuries can be small or first degree burns to extensive, second, or third-degree burns.

To prevent these kinds of injuries, electrical equipment should be well maintained. They have to be checked regularly. Electrical connections should be appropriate and correctly designed. When there are possible hazards related to the use of certain equipment, the proper warning should be given. This can be made possible through pictures or written warnings.

Slip and falls

At home, this mostly happens in the bathroom. In workplaces, it can happen anywhere that is not properly maintained. Floors that are wet or are slippery due to rainfall or another cause can result in employees slipping on them. There should be utility personnel who are tasked to maintain office floors and avoid slips for this problem. When office furniture or when equipment is not properly arranged, they can easily cause employees to trip on them.

Both slips and trips can cause minor to major injuries. Minor injuries can be abrasions or a little bruising here and there. Major injuries can be the presence of fractures or open wounds. To avoid them permanently, flooring should be well maintained. Assess if there is a need to change the floor's surface to one that is not slippery or avoid skids.

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