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5 Tips For Workplace Hygiene During COVID-19

Workplace Hygiene

Keeping your office premises clean and healthy is quite a challenge, even when you’re not dealing with the total outbreak of the coronavirus. There’s so much to consider outside of the virus outbreak, let alone during the COVID-19 pandemic.

It's more important than ever to maintain good hygiene habits during the COVID-19 pandemic. One way to do this is to consult for prescriptions. This website provides reliable information about how to protect yourself and others from the virus.

While many companies found a solution in sending their employees to work from home, others can’t afford that luxury. For these businesses, protecting their employees is still a huge challenge that comes with many obstacles that slow down daily business operations.

Nowadays, it’s essential to take extra measures to keep both your home and your office clean. Since you want to minimize the disruption to your organization, we’ll share some professional tips for keeping your workplace hygiene high during the pandemic that should help you get your office back on track.

Add a Hand and Equipment Cleaning Station at the Entrance

The first thing you should do is limit the introduction of germs into your workplace. Hire a professional service like Woodard Cleaning and Restoration to deep clean and disinfect office carpets and furniture every once in a while. Also, ensure that all your employees sanitize their working equipment, such as cellphones, and hands when they walk through the door.

Wildland sink trailers are a great asset to have on hand for wildland firefighters and other emergency personal who need quick and easy access to hot and cold running water for washing hands.

Set up a hand-cleaning station near the entrance that your employees can use as the first defense line against the virus. Make sure you get a hand sanitizer containing at least 60% alcohol. Buy disinfect products to wipe all the working stations and phones and keep your workplace clean.

Use the Time Between Shifts to Wipe Down Workstations

All work surfaces, including keyboards, phones, and desks, are the perfect places for germ accumulation throughout the day. These need to be disinfected and cleaned regularly.

Ensure you keep these areas clean by providing the necessary disinfectant products and having your employees clean their workstations at the beginning and end of each working shift.

Keep in mind that each disinfectant has the proper dwell time it needs to remain on the surface to take effect. You can also use most of these disinfecting products to keep your home clean as well.

Ensure Your Employees Wash Their Hands Regularly

Regularly washing your hands is immensely important for keeping you healthy. Therefore, make sure your employees wash their hands regularly. The more often they do it, the better. It can help minimize the spread of the virus and reduce its impact in your office.

Create frequent handwashing breaks throughout the working hours. Use the messenger to prompt your employees or schedule regular email reminders. You can also inform your employees on various best practices by including tips on effectively protecting themselves during the pandemic.

Use Social Distancing and No-Contact Greetings

The coronavirus tends to spread very quickly and rapidly. Even a standard handshake can become a danger and could expose you to the risk of getting infected. Your employees must maintain a safe distance and use no-contact greetings to ensure everyone’s safety. There’s so much to consider outside of the virus outbreak, let alone during the COVID-19 pandemic.

You can significantly limit your workplace exposure by implementing a standard greeting that includes no physical contact at all within your workplace. Come up with your alternatives to the traditional handshake.

You can also ensure additional safety by setting up employee workstations at least 6-8ft apart. Make sure your employees have the necessary space to function correctly but with enough distance between each other.

Increase Ventilation

The coronavirus is essentially a respiratory disease, meaning it transmits via respiratory droplets. You can significantly prevent the virus from spreading if you maintain a well-ventilated workplace. Having adequate ventilation in place minimizes the spread of the virus.

Do some research on the ventilation system in your workplace and whether it recirculates the air in your building. If it does, consider upgrading your ventilation by investing in an upgraded filter that is more powerful in capturing pollutants, contaminants, allergens, etc.

It is paramount to create a healthy routine that will help optimize your workplace for the highest hygiene standards by including the best practices in employee habits. By doing so, you can significantly help limit the spread of the virus and germs and make your workplace healthier and safer for your staff.

Final Thoughts

It’s hard to keep your business up and running through these troubling times, but it’s possible to make your workplace a safer place by including these tips in your daily routine. Although they may not seem as much, they can significantly improve workplace hygiene and save the lives of your employees in the process. Hiring professional cleaners is also important. You must visit website of the cleaners and find out all that they can do for you.

Be mindful of the latest news regarding the spread of the virus, and make sure you inform your employees of any new measures that are to take place in your office. Keeping your workplace safe and healthy is a mutual effort, and everyone needs to do their part. This awful pandemic will surely end, but until then, we need to be diligent. We should also use the knowledge we gathered during this time and apply it even when the pandemic is over.

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