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7 Workplace Factors That Might Affect Your Health

Workplace Factors Affect Health

Are you happy where you work?

According to the survey carried out by a private group, 5% of workers claimed their place of work was physically and psychologically stressful. Consistent evidence keeps rising, shedding light on certain work situations associated with common mental disorders, such as occupational uncertainty, lack of value, and respect.

But some people thrive in the crucibles of corporate life – workaholics!

Workaholics cannot escape the phrase "health is wealth" no matter how hard they try. When we consider our work surroundings, it becomes even more realistic. Employers depend on their workforce's physical and mental well-being; one cannot exist without the other. Furthermore, numerous studies demonstrate that workers perform at higher levels on the job in positive work environments where they are valued, inspired, and rewarded for their efforts.

A company's most important asset is its workforce. Regardless of how diligent your employees are, it is your duty as their employer to see to their needs.

We will tackle some workplace factors in this blog that affect employee health.

Justice at the Workplace

Employees not receiving equal treatment as others is one of the reasons they do not appreciate their workplace. It is just the tip of the iceberg; identifying workplace risks goes farther than this. While some employees excel at what they do, others occasionally have difficulty. For struggling employees, this results in unjust treatment and fewer possibilities, which impacts their mental health. Similar to this, numerous other kinds of unfair treatment, such as not receiving credit for one's efforts, pay-rate disparity, etc., also play an important role.

The employer must support employees in improving their self-esteem rather than doing the opposite. Equal opportunity and fair treatment should be the employer's constants. This practice can be carried out by creating initiatives that support justice and fairness at work.

Health Insurance Plans and Policies

Sometimes, an employer provides their employees with so many benefits they can do without that they overlook the benefits and facilities they need – like health insurance. Mostly, it is a you-take-what-you-get approach, and employees never question the benefits offered. Simply put, they do not want to bite the hand that feeds them. However, the COVID-19 pandemic brought individuals the value of health insurance and a healthy lifestyle.

One of the easiest yet most beneficial actions you can take for your employees is to offer health insurance as a benefit. Employee health benefits can enhance morale, boost output, and create a productive workplace environment.

Overtime Rewards

Working overtime reduces employee productivity. Diabetes and cardiovascular disorders are linked to working long hours. Due to the increased incentives, your staff members might not object to working overtime. Still, it can have adverse effects on their health.

Additionally, leading an inactive lifestyle can arise from prioritizing work over personal responsibilities. You should urge workers to report to work on time and leave when the day's work is complete – they will be able to spend quality time with their loved ones. You can request them to work overtime when the occasion calls for it. However, this should not become a norm in any way. Reward your employees for overtime.

Neat and Tidy Environment

Workers prefer to operate in a tidy environment where they can be more effective and productive. Nobody wants to begin their day at work with a view of a messy workspace, discarded materials, or leftovers. Ensure a tidy workplace for your staff so their minds are not diverted. It will benefit you because it will increase productivity and help your employees stay healthy. To maintain your office space and the restrooms clean, create a schedule that your janitorial staff follows. Fumigations and pest control come in handy as well. Opt for their services every two months or so.

The office's exterior is just as important as its interior. Employees should feel at ease when they take a break and sit with their coworkers. Create an employee-friendly workspace with comfortable furniture. Ideally, the office should become like a second home to your employees.

Financial Security

Opportunities are very scarce today due to rising competition. Insecurity about one's employment is common among employees. Overthinking, employees' health and mental acuity take a toll. Hypertension, anxiety, stress, and other conditions may result from a lack of long-term job security. To keep your staff motivated and emotionally healthy, it should be your top priority to assure them of financial security. You can also have a policy in place to regularly check on the financial security of your staff.

Company Culture

One of the main factors influencing employee retention ratio is company culture and morale. These factors also influence the degree of a person's loyalty to the company. Employee retention can be affected by the people they work with, apart from fair pay and benefits. But if the workplace atmosphere is unpleasant and overly competitive, don't count on them to stick around. Your employees may become demotivated by a lack of social support at work. As a result, they might no longer be motivated to work for you.

Rewards and Recognition

Unfortunately, so many workers believe they are just a cog in the machine of the firm they work for. Your team's productivity may suffer if your employees internalize this concept too deeply. You should therefore take the time to thank and reward your employees for their hard work and efforts. Regardless of how difficult the job is, employees' performance can improve when they feel that their efforts are appreciated. They anticipate varying amounts of acknowledgment. Simple compliments can go a long way to make someone's day.

Conduct activities, doll out monthly rewards, and watch how happy your employees become at work, achieving milestones and adding value.


The factors mentioned above can make or break your company. These are the reasons why an employee may choose to stay or leave. Want what is best for your employees? Bear in mind that your employees are the backbone of your company. What wouldn't you do to support your backbone?

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