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Simple Ways to Work on Your Wellness
and Prioritize Your Health

The internet is brimming with articles and resources that talk about how working on our wellness must be one of our priorities, especially now that we are in the middle of a global pandemic. You shall find enough resources that claim to guide you through your journey to mental and physical wellbeing and even more that promise guaranteed happiness in seven steps or less. However, the truth is that while these resources might be well-intentioned and have their hearts in the right place, they can do very little to help you take control of your life. The only person who can do that is you. You need to stop poring over these nebulous pieces of advise and start working on your wellness in real-time. There are not enough “how-to” articles that can teach you to be happy or prioritize your physical and mental health.

Wellness is more than just eating right and sleeping for eight whole hours at night. It is more about finding joy in the little things in life, staying hopeful in the face of adversities and incorporating some discipline in your life that can help you stay on track. The article that we have here today shall not tell you to eat many fruits or drink eight glasses of water every day. It shall rather discuss some simple ways in which you can start working on your wellness on your own and prioritize your health before anything else.

Work on Wellness

Understand Where Your Passion Lies:

Most of us spend our entire lives finding our purpose and deciding on what our career should be. As a result, we end up making wrong career choices and find ourselves stuck in a job that we hate. Therefore, it is crucial that you take some time off your hectic schedule and reflect on the things that you love doing. You might not be able to make a career switch instantly or start making money out of your passion. In fact, you must acknowledge that not all the things that you love pay well. Therefore, the trick here is to find a middle ground to pursue your passion so that you do not have to feel stressed at your job or keep hating it for the rest of your life. For instance, if you hate going to the gym and lift weights to stay fit, you must find some activity that you enjoy doing, and that shall still keep you fit. You could take up yoga or swimming to keep yourself physically and mentally fit, instead of lifting weights.

Similarly, if you hate your 9 to 5 job that pays handsomely but offers little room for creativity, you might want to take some time off your schedule and do what you think is good for your wellness. Write and publish your articles on websites and blogs if you want, or practice an instrument. Finding some time to pursue your passion shall not only help you bust your stress but also motivate you to stay focused on your job. It shall break the monotony of your boring job and help you unwind, which is a crucial aspect of wellbeing.

Work on Wellness

Stick to a Routine:

Sticking to a routine might sound boring, but it is definitely one of the ways that shall help you enjoy good health. It is important that you leave your job at the desk and come home just to relax, watch your favorite shows, cook dinner and sleep. Bringing back work shall eat up your personal space and mess with your routine. Make a routine and stick to it. Try taking shorter breaks so that you can finish your work on time.

Similarly, keep some time aside to do a bit of reading, eating a full and healthy breakfast before work and practicing meditation. Following a routine shall not only bring in more discipline in your life and help you save time, but also tend to your wellness. You shall feel accomplished and satisfied about managing your time well, and this shall help your mental health as well.

Be Mindful of What You Eat:

What you eat is what you are, and therefore, you must eat well. We shall not advise you to drink sufficient water every day or include at least one fruit in your diet. You already know all of that as there are enough articles on the internet preaching the same. However, the point that we are trying to make here is that you must watch what you treat your body with.

Binging on carbs might feel great, but it shall slow you down and adversely impact your health in the long run. There is no harm in binge-eating once a week. However, ensure that you are not making it into a habit. Cut down on your sugar intake and reduce the number of cups of coffee you drink every day. You might also want to talk to your doctor and find more info on health supplements. The moment you start being a little mindful of what you feed your body, you shall be one step closer to wellness and good health.

Remember to Reward Yourself:

Acknowledge that you are doing the best you can and stop being harsh on yourself. You have worked hard the entire week, paid your bills on time, washed your clothes and handled all your chores with perfection. Therefore, it is now time to reward yourself. Do not deprive yourself of occasional rewards on the completion of a task or on working out five days a week. It could be as simple as cooking your own meals thrice a week or as complex as nailing that important presentation at work. When you reward yourself, you give your brain the required motivation to carry on and also tend to your mental health. Therefore, be kind to yourself and give yourself a pat on the back for every completed project or task.

Wrapping Up:

Working on your wellness does not mean that you have to follow a strict workout regime, force yourself to sleep eight hours at night and survive only on fruits and vegetables. Wellness can take different shapes and forms. You could cut out toxic people from your life or try to use social media as little as possible. Each of these ways tends to the physical and mental wellbeing of people in different ways. Therefore, you must find what works the best for you and incorporate those changes in your life.

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