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Wigs Maintenance Tips -
How to Maintain Your Curly Wig

Wigs are divided into human hair wigs and synthetic wigs. After you purchasing some wigs or hair extensions from hair suppliers, you need to maintain them in a proper way. Then we’ll introduce how to main a curly wig in this post.

Wigs Maintenance

How to Remedy If the Wig Doesn’t Curly?

It depends on whether your wig can withstand high temperatures. If the wig material is resistant to high temperature, you can directly use a curling stick to make a curl or go to a hair salon to make a curl like hair. Pay attention to adjust the temperature of the test paper hair stick. If the material is not resistant to high temperatures, you can't make curly hair. It is recommended to consult relevant people in the exclusive store.

How to Maintain Wigs

When the Indian virgin hair bundles are knotted or curled, please do not pull or comb them hard, but comb them slowly and carefully. Using the special nonoily maintenance liquid for wigs can make the wigs more shiny and bright, prevent static electricity and keep the wigs moist all the time. The blue wigs can not be dyed, ironed, and blown, and do not use an electric curler, otherwise, it will hurt the wig. You can ask a professional stylist to trim your hair. If it's not very messy, you can use hair care cream and a steel comb. If there is hair lotion on the wig, it's more lubricating, and then straighten it out according to the curl. If it's already in a mess, you have to wash it again. Just wash your hair as usual, but you must put moisturizing essence or conditioner. When washing, do not exert too much force on the foam. After washing, put it on a flat special drying net to dry. After it's dry, it's good to apply stereotyped products according to the shape.

1. Every morning, first wet your hair with warm water. It's best to use a nozzle, which is more uniform. It's not recommended to use cold water. It's easy to catch a cold. Wipe the excess water with a towel. Use a towel to dry your hair a little. Don't rub it hard. The scales of wet hair are open. At this time, the hair is most vulnerable to injury. Know how to wipe your hair until it doesn't drip.

2. Perm the outermost layer of hair with electric hair curl, and then tidy and fluffy the hair with fingers or wide tooth comb, and then spray some styling mousse or apply curling elastin. Spray wet hair until it is seven or eight minutes dry, directly apply some thin hair wax or styling mousse on the comb, and then use it to sort out disobedient hair. If the hair rolls are not obvious, wet the hair with sprays or sprinkling bottles. First, blow the hair to eight parts dry with a hairdryer, then dip the fingers in a little styling liquid, divide the hair into pieces, then evenly spread each pinch from the hairy root to the tail, and rotate the hair around the fingers to form curls, then rearrange the original curl.

3. After moisturizing spray and the comb of wide teeth comb, it will blow to 80% dry hair and fingers. Roll up the one-inch wide hair tightly until the tip of the hair. Adjust the hairdryer to the lowest wind speed and dry it from the root to the tip until the hair is completely dry. If time is limited, the hair can be sprayed with moisturizing spray and all combed to the back. Then the high bun will be fixed and the hair should be loosened before going out, gently tossing the head and applying some hair moistening essence. Bundle the hair on the surface, comb the root of the inner hair back and forth with a fine-tooth comb, and then untie the part covered by the hair on the surface, and the fluffy effect will appear.

4. The cold perm curl bar itself is not heated. Generally, the common short hair styling is cold perm, biochemical perm in hair salons and perms with various strange names. The effect of this perm method is more obvious in the semi-wet state. Choose some moisturizing products. Elastin is used more than hot ironing. The shape is mainly moisturizing, and the method is the same as hot ironing.

5. Maintain the attention of the curl. Do not reverse the hot curl and blow the hair. Don't blow it back. The line must be blown by Z. The key to maintain the outlet is to keep the moisture content. Besides the use of hair oil, finalized spray, and so on, the hairdryer is also important. The hairdryer can reduce impatience and keep the overall hairstyle beautiful and beautiful.

How to Choose the Right Wig or Hair Extensions?

When you are looking for the best virgin hair vendors, look at your skin color and choose a wig that suits you. White skin color is suitable for light brown red and light coffee. This kind of red and soft color system will make your face ruddy and lively. If the skin color is yellowish, you can choose darker colors such as natural black and light coffee, which will make the yellowish skin look much whiter. Partial black skin color should be set off by some natural black and dark orange in hair color, which will make your face bright.

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