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Why Are More People Suffering From Back Pain?

back pain

We live in an age where most of us spend a bit of our day sitting at a computer.

While this isn’t the only cause of back pain, it’s certainly a contributing factor as to why more people are suffering from back pain, as well as shoulder pain too.

Up to 80 percent of adults will experience back pain at some point in their lives. It is one of the most common causes of job-related disability and a significant contributor to having to miss work days.

Let’s answer some questions around back pain.

What Causes Back Pain?

There is no one leading cause of back pain. Because the back is just as complicated as the rest of the body, there are many factors that may contribute to experiencing back pain. If you’re alarmed by a certain pain that you are experiencing in your back, chiropractor low back pain treatment may be the solution you need.

The back is made up of ligaments, bones, muscle, and joints. This means that you can rupture disks, strain muscles, sprain ligaments, and cause irritation to the joints, which all can lead to back pain.

While accidents and sports injuries are prominent causes of back pain, even the simplest of actions can lead to discomfort as well. Whether it's picking a pencil up from the floor or lifting a heavy box, actions like these may have painful results.

In addition to these factors, there are others as well. These include obesity, poor posture, and arthritis as well as psychological stress that may result in complications with back discomfort and pain.

Back pain can also manifest as a result of other medical issues. It can result directly from the damage or disease of internal organs, blood clots, kidney infections, kidney stones, or bone loss.

What Are the Risk Factors for Back Pain

While we’ve mentioned a number of causes that can be linked directly to developing back pain, there are other risk factors that can significantly increase your chances as well.

One of the most significant risk factors for developing back pain is age. In fact, back pain becomes more common the older you get. This is because when people age, they lose strength in their bones due to osteoporosis.

This degenerative condition can lead to fractures, as well as a decrease in muscle elasticity and tone. The discs in your back also lose their flexibility and fluid with age, which reduces their ability to protect the vertebrae.

Pregnancy is another risk factor for back pain. This is often due to the pelvic changes and shift in weight distribution.

If you have a job that requires you to lift, push or pull heavy objects, or involves movements that twist the spine on a regular basis, you may be at risk of developing back pain. An inactive job can also be just as risky, however. If you sit in a chair all day and have poor posture, you might begin to develop chronic discomfort in your back.

Mental health can also be a contributing factor to back pain. This also may interfere with the severity of the pain as well.

How to Tackle Back Pain

There are a number of ways to approach back pain. Let’s take a look:

  • Activity: while you may feel like resting because of the pain, lying down should actually be kept to a minimum. Instead, try to implement strengthening exercises into your daily routine as soon as possible, to give yourself a good chance of diminishing the back pain over time.
  • Physical Therapy: there are a number of useful physical therapy programs available that can promote the care and support of your lower back. These will also help you to improve your flexibility and mobility, as well as get you sitting in a position that reduces the risk of more damage being done.
  • Medicinal Pain Relief: while there are many over the counter and prescription medications available to help you deal with the pain, they often come with harmful side effects. Long-term, they’re also not effective as they only serve to mask the pain temporarily. This is why it’s recommended that you try an alternative medicinal pain relief, like CBD oil. CBD oil is an effective back pain medicine that has helped many people suffering from back pain find relief. Check out this guide for medicinal pain relief.

Tips for Preventing Back Pain

When you do experience effective treatment for your back pain, you don’t want to develop it all over again. Let’s take a look at ways you can try and prevent back pain from occurring in the first place:

  • Maintain a healthy diet and weight. Obesity is linked to back pain, which is why it's vital that you stay healthy and pursue a lifestyle that's going to promote your wellness.
  • Avoid bed rest or prolonged periods of inactivity.
  • Try your best to keep a good posture. You may find this hard if you sit at a desk all day, but it’s important for your spine health and will help to prevent further discomfort.
  • Remember to stretch or warm up before doing physical activity – even with something as easy as gardening.
  • When lifting a heavy object, remember to lift with your knees. Keep the object close to your body and don’t twist at all while you’re holding it.
  • Sleep on a mattress that is medium to firm. You don’t want your spine to curve unnaturally while you sleep – this could lead to back pain.
  • Try to implement physical activity into your healthy lifestyle.

Final Thoughts

Back pain affects more people every year – and it’s showing no signs of slowing down.

From environmental and lifestyle factors to other medical issues and genetics, there are many factors that could contribute to the chronic back pain you experience.

With the correct diagnosis and right treatment, you may find yourself increasing your quality of life and minimizing the chances of your back pain becoming a long-term problem.

Remember, always consult with your healthcare professional before taking any over the counter medication. Alternative medicines like CBD oil are an excellent option if you don’t want the side effects of conventional drugs.

AUTHOR BIO: Anne is the founder of Free Your Spine. She is passionate about sharing her experience about chronic pain and things that have helped me.

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