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How Stopping to Use Steroids Can Help You: Inspiration from UFC Career of Nate Diaz and Jorge Masvidal

Nate Diaz debuted back in 2004, just a year after Jorge Masvidal made his MMA debut in May 2003.

Its 2019 and both of them are ranked inside the top 10 in ​UFC rankings​, Masvidal is at number 3 while Diaz is at No. 7.

In a sport which is so physical, and takes a toll on the body, how have these combatants managed to fight and prolong their careers for so long?

While talking to MMA Junkie, Masvidal said “Like Nate, I’ve never used steroids, I don't think that dude has either. I don't live with him, so I don’t know. But his body hasn't really changed. He gets in better shape. Some fights, maybe he didn’t take as seriously and wasn’t in crazy good shape. But I don't think he’s ever done steroids. That might be a big thing towards the longevity.”

Many Mixed Martial Artists and UFC in particular was having a really bad experience when it came to dealing with performance enhancing drugs (PED), It even gave away millions of dollars, which were governed by the USADA which is the United States Anti-Doping Agency.


UFC News was trending as many big names like Anderson Silva and Jon Jones were claimed.

“I must be doing something right, or I must have not cheated back in the day, like a lot of motherfuckers did when all of you media motherfuckers were covering them, knowing these motherfuckers were on juice. Not worried about the natural killers, man. The real killers, man. Because when these curtains close, some wild shit on this side bro,” said Masvidal.

When the curtain does close for Masvidal is yet to be seen. Nate Diaz and Jorge Masvidal have both managed to stay relevant in the UFC, and have always been close to the top of the UFC rankings.

The longevity of their careers is a testament to the fact that not doing steroids can help you.

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