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Why are Root Canals so Expensive?

Root Canals

For most people, dental work is uncomfortable. You have to sit there with your mouth open while the dentist drills away. Then, you receive the bill. This can be after you've gotten dental implants treatment in woodbridge or other treatments that were necessary. While the price of dental procedures can seem shocking at first, the cost is actually not that hard to understand. Just consider a procedure like a root canal. If your dentist has given you a root canal, here are the reasons your dental bill might have seemed so pricey.

A Root Canal Affects the Inside of Your Tooth

The first reason your dentist seems to charge so much for a root canal is that the problem is deep. A cavity may be a small hole in your tooth's enamel, but a root canal addresses an infection deep within the tooth. This is where dental pulp fills the center of your tooth. This pulp is where your nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissues reside. When this area is inflamed or infected, then the tooth will start to die. This causes a great deal of pain and discomfort. Due to the deep nature of a root canal, it is no surprise that a significant cost can be incurred to fix it.

A Root Canal Must Be Expertly Diagnosed

Because a root canal happens deep within your tooth, it is not easy to diagnose from a simple examination. While your sensitivity and symptoms may indicate a root canal, the condition cannot be confirmed without more advanced screening. This usually requires advanced imaging. This imaging will show your dentist the inside of your tooth and the surrounding anatomy. Such imaging is extremely important for your overall dental health. However, it comes with a cost. This is another reason your root canal may seem so expensive.

A Root Canal Prevents a Lot of Dental Pain

While it may be uncomfortable to get a root canal, it is a worthwhile discomfort. After all, if your root canal continues to go untreated, then the pain you experience will skyrocket. If you do not treat your root canal, it will not heal on its own. In fact, it is only likely to get worse. As the infection and inflammation increase, the impact on your tooth will become even more pronounced. Soon, you may experience pain on a daily basis. Every time you take a bite, you could experience pain. This level of suffering should not be endured. In context, a dental bill should never seem that unreasonable.

Root Canals

A Root Canal May Require Two Visits

When treating a root canal, your dentist will have to assess the severity of the damage. If the damage is extensive, then you may need two visits to complete the work. This happens when the root canal is deeply affected or multiple canals are being fixed. Obviously, extensive treatment will be more expensive than a normal treatment. It is also worth noting that the amount of work done on a root canal is not comparable to a normal cavity. A cavity must simply be filled in order to prevent future damage. A root canal, by contrast, requires more intervention.

A Root Canal Cleans Out the Tooth

To really understand the cost of your root canal, you should truly think about what your dentist is doing. In a root canal, a top portion of your tooth is carefully removed. This exposes the inside of your tooth. From here, the dentist will have to carefully remove the inflamed or infected tissue. This process effectively cleans out the interior of your tooth. From here, the interior of the tooth must then be filled with an artificial substance. This will give your tooth the integrity it needs. Finally, the tooth is capped off. This extended dental work cleans your tooth from the inside out for a dramatic impact on your health and comfort.

A Root Canal Saves Your Tooth

Ultimately, a root canal may be expensive, but it is less costly than replacing your tooth. If you do not opt for a root canal, the tooth will die. Then, you will be forced to get a new tooth entirely. This process is far more expensive and cumbersome. A root canal should seem like a real value in comparison.

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