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Why People Use Cannabis and How It Benefits People in Various Aspects of Life


The use of cannabis is often associated with laziness and lack of motivation, but variousstudies have suggested that marijuana is actually helpful in inducing productivity and creative thinking, and what is generally portrayed as lazy "stoners" are actually individuals with enhanced creative intelligence and they consciously use cannabis as a rational choice to improve the quality of life.

According to a popular study mentioned in Understanding the motivations for recreational marijuana use among adult Canadians. Substance Use and Misuse, the subjects, Osborne and Fogel said:

“Lots of people know me, know I do pot, and they think that I’m a pothead. But really, the thing they don’t realize is that I have a reason for it.”

The effect of cannabis is different on different people as it depends on the quality and type of cannabis, the method of using plus the situation. The moderate use of cannabis can actually prove to be beneficial for consumers, and as cannabis has a low risk for physical addiction, individuals are not compelled to use it often. Countless studies over the years have proved that, if used in the right manner, cannabis possesses social, spiritual, and medical benefits for users.

Social Use Benefits

Cannabis is actively used for recreation and socializing and as it has already been proved that cannabis plays a great role in improving the quality of life, it's safe to draw the conclusion that it benefits the consumer by helping him become more social. People from different cultures were also quick to accept its practical use after realizing what good it can do for humanity. contributes in spreading canna love by accommodating cannabis enthusiasts in Canada.

As per the 2008 study, “Just about any activity is enhanced while under the influence of cannabis. I like hiking, cycling, and dancing when I’m stoned or high and... I enjoy art, music, philosophy, and meditation while intoxicated. Going to a museum is one of my favorite activities under [the] influence.”

“In my humble opinion, weed is not a drug; it’s a seasoning... like salt for your life. So, just the same as a person who would use salt to enhance a bland soup or what have you, smoking weed can make things more intense and enjoyable...”


Medical Use Benefits

Cannabis has proved to be extremely helpful for medicinal uses as proved by various studies. The chemicals present in cannabis, cannabinoids are directly linked to managing the mental as well as physical problems of the users.

The use of cannabis for medicinal purposes goes way back. It has been used since 1500 BCEand it is one of the oldest medicines known to humankind.

Canadian Aids Society in Cannabisas therapy for people living with HIV/AIDS: "Our right our choice" in 2006 mentioned that, “Those persons in our lives that we met that think it’s all about getting high often misunderstand that that high often relieves us of the tears, of hurt, of stress, of living with a terminal illness and a lot of other things in our daily lives.”

“It relieves nausea from the meds and allows me to have an appetite and to stick to the regimen of taking pills. And certain strains work better for the pain.”

Spiritual Use Benefits

To ensure the well-being of an individual completely, spiritual health should also be taken into consideration. The rich history of cannabis in spiritual use is acknowledged by the whole world. People from different countries and varying religions have been using cannabis for spiritual use for centuries. It is believed that cannabis is extremely helpful in increasing one's appreciation and connection with nature.

In the 2008 study, it was also mentioned that “Marijuana actually, what it does to me beyond all other social aspects of it, it actually really combines me with nature. A lot of my religious experiences have actually come through marijuana. It is just that connection, an awareness of yourself, I think, and that you are part of nature...”

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