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Why People Still Prefer Condoms in 2021


Condoms are simple to get and use. They play a significant role in preventing both unwanted pregnancies and STIs. Condoms can also be used to spice up sex to another level. Below are some of the benefits of condoms to human life.

Condoms Help in Offering Protection against STDs

Condoms are the only means that controls birth while also preventing the spread of the STIs like gonorrhea, chlamydia and HIV. Even if you are using some other method of birth control to evade pregnancy, it’s also advisable to use condoms anytime you have sex for total protection against STDs.

They Are Less Costly and Convenient

You can quickly get condoms from different community health centers, physical and online stores, Planned Parenthood health centers etc. One does not need an ID or a particular prescription to buy a condom. They are inexpensive and sometimes given for free. Their small, discreet sizes make them portable while providing outstanding protection against STDs and pregnancy.

Some communities may also encourage safe sex by offering complimentary condoms in discreet locations. The jazz lovers can even up their sexy moments with different condoms like flavored ones or glow in the dark. In most cases, they are given freely and still, even the most expensive condoms are relatively cheap.

Condoms are ideal if you want to purchase birth control without having to see a doctor.

Condoms Can Be Erotic

Protection is just as important as pleasure. Fortunately, condoms provide both!

Spice up your phone sex session together with your partner by introducing a condom in the mix. Condoms come in diverse shapes, styles and qualities that increase feeling for partners. Phone sex also involves foreplay. Condoms can delay ejaculation for men, making them last longer and prolongs the phone sex session. Source:

When having phone sex, you can last longer without worrying about Cumming faster before your partner riches climax, something that can really kill the mood.

Condom Enhances Other Means of Birth Control

Having condoms in your birth control listing can provide you with great protection against pregnancy. There is no method that has proven to be 100% effective; therefore, having condoms as a standby can prevent pregnancy if your other methods fail.

However, it would be best if you never used both the male condom and the internal condom together. One is enough for the trick. Therefore, there’s no need for wearing more than one condom during intercourse.

They Have No Negative Impacts

Many folks use condoms comfortably without any side effects. On rare occasions, latex condoms may irritate individuals with latex sensitivities or allergies. Also, at times, the lube used on some brands can be irritating.

Therefore, if you are sensitive to rubber, you can switch to other brands or use plastic condoms. You can get non-rubber condoms just where the normal condoms are sold.

Women Who Don’t Want to Talk to Their Partners to Put On External Condoms Can Use Internal Condoms

Internal condoms (female condoms) are not as popular as external condoms. Therefore, it may take some effort to buy them. You can also get them for free at some designated areas without a prescription. Women whose partners don't prefer using external condoms can switch and use internal condoms for maximum protection.

How to Effectively Use Condoms

People use these advices to ensure they are using the correct condoms in the safest way possible:

1. Do not use Innovation Condoms

 Most companies have intended innovation condoms to enhance stimulation instead of protection. Do not use any brand that does not indicate pregnancy and STI protection. Also, a condom will not offer total protection if it does not completely cover the penis.

2. Read the Packet

Go through the packet and look for a statement that shows the condom will protect you against STIs. Many brands provide assortments of condoms that can prevent STIs. But, you should always note that condoms do not give you protection against all STIs. You can still contact an STI through skin contact with another person.

You should always take your time to carefully read the label to check if the condom you want to use meets all the safety standards.

3. Consider Using Lubricated Condoms

Not all people use additional lubrication. Naturally, the vagina produces lubrication when a woman is stimulated. But sometimes, this lubrication is inadequate. In such cases, people should use lubricated condoms or silicon-based lubricant.

The outside of the condom should be lubricated to reduce friction during sex and help the condom from breaking during sex.

4. Avoid Oil-Based Lubricants

Oils like petroleum jelly, lotions or baby oil can cause the condom to break. People should, therefore, not use these condoms.

5. Do Not Use Condoms Which Were Not Properly Stored

Friction and heat affects condoms. Therefore, the way they are stored matters a lot. Condoms should always be stored in a cool, dry place since extreme temperatures may cause them to break. Storing condoms in extreme temperatures also weakens them, making them less effective. Source:

Therefore, it is not advisable to stock condoms in your wallet since they can be exposed to heat and friction, which may cause tears or weakness.

6. Avoid Natural Condoms

Natural condoms are traditional substitutes for latex condoms. They play a significant role in providing protection against pregnancy but do not offer against STIs. People looking for replacements to latex or those with latex allergies should alternatively consider polyurethane condoms. Although they are somewhat classy, they provide a looser fit and the similar protection as rubber condoms against pregnancy and STIs.

7. Avoid Expired Condoms

Every condom packet has an expiring date well written on it. A condom that is past its expiry date should be disposed of. An expired condom is more likely to break, exposing you to STIs and unwanted pregnancies.

Final Thoughts

Condoms are the only dependable and safe alternatives for individuals to use for safe sex. Most condoms provide extra protection from STIs, unlike some other methods of birth control. The right condom must pass security standards, while selecting the right condom narrows down to special partialities.

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