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Why You Should Never Shake Your Baby

No doubt, handling newborns can be a challenging task. Some babies express themselves through crying. Particularly, in their first month, some won’t even sleep during the night. For this reason, mothers become helpless and exhausted. Some turn on to shaking their babies to see if they will fall asleep.

While it might sound like a good idea, this act can turn out to be a mess. Shaking a baby can lead to several issues that will affect the entire life. Here are some of the reasons why shaking babies is dangerous:

It can result in brain injury

Shaking babies is the leading cause of brain injuries. As you know, babies are fragile. Their body is weak. A small shake moves their heads front and back. The movement affects the interior content of the head, which is the brain.

When the shake is violent, it results in traumatic brain injury. However, you can save your child from such an experience. The only way to do it is avoiding to shake them until they become older.

Causes blindness and deafness

Some people are born blind or deaf. No one can blame nature for that aspect. But some people are born without hearing or eye problems only to develop them in their infant stage. This aspect can be the most unfortunate thing, particularly not due to a health condition.

Shaking your baby can put them at the risk of becoming blind or deaf. The shake affects the brain parts responsible for these aspects. So, if you do not want to cause your kid’s problem, avoid shaking them.

Leads to learning and speech development difficulties

Everyone loves having a kid who is a fast learner and develops speech at the right age. However, not all babies realize these goals. Some babies are born with slow development ability. Others have zero disability at birth, but the issue arises from shake syndrome.

While the first is unavoidable, you can prevent the latter. Shaking a child hurts their brain that impacts their cognitive development. If your baby is well, you should keep them safe and avoid any impact on their development. One way to do this is to avoid shaking them when they are at a fragile age.

It can lead to death

Nothing hurts like losing a baby due to unavoidable aspects. Violent shaking of your baby will not only cause brain injury but also can lead to death. The movement of the head back and forth can tear the blood vessels in the brain. This incident will cause death.

Wrapping up

In a word, the role of every parent is to keep their kids safe and sound. You should never be a source of future regret or loss of life. As you can see, shaking your baby is a threat to their wellbeing. You can cause damages to their brain or lead to their death.

Despite how your kid is behaving, crying, or disturbing, never shake them. Always seek help instead of shaking them.

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