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Self-Growth Path: Why Inventors Take HGH

human growth hormone

Dramatic transformations of some of the world's leading modern inventors and entrepreneurs have many buzzing about how they did it. Names like Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Sergey Brin, and Peter Thiel have garnered attention for their physical changes, their seemingly unnatural energy, their creativity as well as their interest in cheating age and death. 

They Don't Seem to Age

Musk, 48, now taking a bow for a successful Space X flight, is also the founder of Tesla. He went from a receding hairline 20 years ago to a full head of hair now accompanied by more muscles.

Bezos, 56, Amazon founder, began stirring up talk in 2018 when bulging muscles appeared. He said he started working out in 2013 and gets plenty of sleep.

Brin, 47, a software and Internet genius who founding Google with partner Larry Page, was also the president of Alphabet Inc., which was Google's parent company until he stepped down from his post in 2019. However, what people are noticing is his youthful appearance.

Thiel, 52, PayPal co-founder, said he is aiming to live to be 120. He openly talks about how he is doing that, which including taking human growth hormone (HGH) pills.

While Thiel is the only one of the modern inventors who has openly talked about taking HGH to live better and longer, all of these entrepreneurs have long been rumored to be taking HGH. The dramatic changes in their bodies and the amount of energy is unusual for men their age and all have invested millions into medical and immortality ventures in hopes of living longer.

The human growth hormone naturally occurs in the body as it is produced in the pituitary gland. It is massively produced during childhood and youth and is responsible for the growth a child experiences. As we age, the production of growth hormone declines. That is especially true after the age of 40.

More of Inventor's Secrets

All of these inventors have a lifestyle they have crafted to center around health. Elon Musk, who admits he hates exercise, works out with weights. He also has a personal trainer and does martial arts.

Food is another matter for Musk. He said he would give up a few years of life for food that tastes good but is mindful of what causes weight gain and tries to limit that. Thiel said the number one thing he tries to eliminate from his diet is sugar.

Bezos said he wakes up early but also knows when to quit working. He said he stops when he's tired and gets at least eight hours of sleep each night.

All of these inventors have the luxury of living with many people ready to take care of duties they don't have time for, which reduces stress. They also spend a good bit of time traveling for business and pleasure. 

Why Do Inventors Take HGH?

Since many of these billionaires don't talk about all they do to stay looking and active young, exactly why each may take HGH isn't known. However, Thiel does give his reasons when he talks about taking HGH. 

Thiel said he takes human growth hormone to lessen the likelihood of ailments that comes with old age. He said it helps reduce the probability he will get arthritis, but also helps reduce heart disease risks.

According to, many people who take HGH look to it to give them more youthful energy and it has been also proven to help with cognitive function. Both can be legitimate reasons why these billionaire inventors look to something like hormone replacement therapy to stay on top of their game and keep up with their business acumen.

Can You Take Growth Hormones?

Taking the human growth hormone is becoming popular among celebrities but the illegal use of it is causing some health problems among America's elite. Illegal use of the growth hormone can cause severe problems down the road like heart issues and even cancer. 

That is why clinics offering hormone replacement therapy require that those receiving it are hormone deficient. Hormone deficiency is when someone is producing hormones well below the natural level of others their age. Hormones naturally decline as people age and that is not considered hormone deficiency.

Finding out if you have a hormone deficiency requires that you see a doctor and take a blood test. A blood test will reveal your hormone levels and your doctor will discuss those with you. Your doctor will issue a prescription.

All hormone replacement therapy (HRT) clinics require a prescription to give hormone therapies. All HGH therapies come in injections. Hormone replacement therapies also come in pills and gels, depending on the hormone. Those who aren't eligible for therapies have other options. There are over-the-counter supplements that are available, natural, and safe.

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