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Why You Should Choose Invisalign Treatment Over Traditional Metal Braces for Your Teenager

Invisalign Treatment

Teeth straightening or alignment can be a very annoying process, especially when you’re a teen. They hardly like visiting dentists or orthodontists. So, getting them to agree to an orthodontic treatment plan for teeth straightening will be a tedious task. 

For teeth alignment, you can suggest to your teenage child two options – braces or Invisalign clear aligners. They both have their merits and demerits. However, your child might pick the Invisalign braces over regular braces. You should also encourage them to go for clear aligners over metal braces. 

So, why should teenagers, like your child, opt for the costlier Invisalign over traditional braces and or is Invisalign cheaper than braces? That’s what we’re going to help you understand today. 

Invisalign is Practically Invisible

Most teens are super conscious about their appearances. They won’t like to put on anything that will make them stand out for all the wrong reasons. As far as they are concerned, braces fall in that category. 

Braces stick out. They draw a lot of attention and can often make teens the target of bullies. That’s why you’ll see teenagers trying to avoid wearing braces at all costs.

Your teenage child likely feels the same way about braces. So, instead of traditional metal braces, they can opt for Invisalign. 

Invisalign latches on to your teeth without any metal wires. These clear aligners hold your teeth in place and look invisible from a distance. That means Invisalign won’t make your kid stand out. Appearance-wise, going for an Invisalign brace treatment is a far better choice.

Don’t Have to Wear Them for Long

Another reason teens get frustrated with braces is that they have to keep them on for a long time. Experts suggest you keep your braces on for at least a year or two. In some cases, you might need another extra year. 

Invisalign doesn’t require that long to work its magic. A leading provider of braces and Invisalign in Gilbert, Arizona, suggests that you wear Invisalign for just 9 to 15 months. That’s the standard amount of time you have to wear Invisalign regularly. By then, you can expect your teeth to be much straighter than before, if not completely straight.

Much More Comfortable

Invisalign clear aligners are made of smooth medical-grade plastic. They are all custom-made so that they fit your child’s teeth perfectly. Most notably, Invisalign doesn't require any brackets or wires. These braces simply latch onto your teeth and stay put over there.

No wires mean that your kids won’t feel any irritation or discomfort when having the Invisalign on. The lack of wires also reduces the chances of accidental cuts and bruises. Most of the time, they’ll forget that they are even wearing them.

Your teens can take the Invisalign off anytime they like without any medical procedure if they are feeling uncomfortable at some point. That’s another positive side of Invisalign that you won’t find in braces.

No Restrictions on Food

Braces can trap bits of food that you chew. Those bits and pieces can then damage the wires and brackets. When wearing braces, your orthodontist will ask your teen to avoid foods like popcorn, taffy, candy, etc. Consumption of such foods will have to wait until they take out the braces.

With Invisalign, such types of restrictions don’t exist. Since they are easily removable without requiring medical assistance, your teens can take them off and eat whatever they like. That way, they don’t have to restrict themselves and can’t damage the Invisalign either.

Reduced Number of Visits to the Dentist or Orthodontist

You need to visit the orthodontist whenever you need to realign traditional braces. You also need to make appointments when you’re feeling pain/discomfort or want to remove your braces for a while. Frequent visits to the dentist or orthodontist become a norm when you’re wearing braces. Not only is that tiring and expensive, but your child won’t be too fond of it either. 

Since you can remove Invisalign braces yourself, you don’t need to visit a clinic for realignments or readjustments.

All these are good enough reasons as to why you should opt for Invisalign clear braces for your teenage child over braces. However, go through the cost comparisons of braces and Invisalign before you decide. Even though Invisalign might be a bit more expensive, it’s still the better choice for your kid.

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