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Why Should You Choose Invisalign Over Braces for Orthodontic Treatment?

People want straight teeth. Luckily, modern orthodontic procedures like Invisalign make it easier to achieve the perfect smile. People had to wear ugly metal braces in the past, and other options were not as readily available, but that's no longer the case. The arrival of new aligners (better known as Invisalign) has got things sorted. These are nearly invisible, due to which the person wearing them can freely go about their daily lives without feeling self-conscious of their appearance or embarrassed. While aesthetics is one aspect, this dental device is much more functional and easy on your teeth, gums, and tongue. So, if you were wishy-washy about going for this treatment, let’s explore the benefits for a final decision.

Oral hygiene

It's necessary to take care of your teeth and not just when you have braces on. It has to be a priority to keep up with oral health by brushing and flossing, ideally twice a day in combination with other methods like mouthwashes. With that said, Invisalign trays are removable, so you won't have any excuse for neglecting your teeth. There is no longer the problem of having to contend with cleaning around brackets or wires. The visors are clear, but they can also trap bacteria that need cleaning. Otherwise, teeth will become vulnerable to germs and plaque build-up in areas where the floss isn't easily accessible.


While teeth straightening is one thing, the versatile Invisalign can be the perfect option for dental issues like crooked teeth, overlapping teeth, and crowded teeth. In some cases, dentists also use this method to solve open bites, underbites, and crossbites. Even someone with gaps between teeth can also benefit from this. If you live in Las Vegas, you can search for Invisalign Las Vegas dental services to learn more about its efficacy.


Invisalign material is a bit different than traditional metal braces. The Invisalign material will not create friction against your lips and cheeks, like traditional braces or many other types of braces tend to do. Also, the aligner's proper fitting will not cause gum irritation. When talking about comfort, one more thing that deserves attention is the ease of wearing this invisible dental tray. One can easily keep it on for 20-22 hours, removing it only during meal times, brushing, and flossing. Also, these have to change almost one to two weeks, and meeting the dentist at the gap of around 6-8 weeks can be recommendable. They will measure the progress and provide you with the next sets of them.

Less time

Traditional braces require more time to align your teeth. But this can give you results in one to one and a half years. Still, it varies from patient to patient, depending on their dental condition. Nevertheless, this procedure doesn't take much time to complete. A few sessions with your doctor and things will be in place.

If you worry about the cost, you must know that this orthodontic treatment is one of the most affordable options. Since it is faster, easy, and comfortable, you don't have to struggle with your daily dental routine.

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