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Who Invented Football and When?

A game that is so long and popular cannot have a simple beginning. At least not simple enough to be answered in a sentence. So is with football and its origins.

What is what?

Keeping that conversation aside for a bit, let's clear the air. Soccer or football? The one thing to know is that every such game is football but not soccer. Take it this way; the football played with foot is called soccer or association football. Fair enough to name a popular game in such a confusing way. It adds to the mystery already surrounding it.

Coming back to the vague beginnings of this game, it is sure that one person did not invent them. But they directly descended from a game that kids played in school back in the early modern times. The game that has found so much respect in society was once child's play. But the ancestral history of football goes further back in time.

The football lineage

  • Chaotic type- The description of this football variant of medieval times might sound like a pagan ritual at first. But that's not the entire truth. People were just rowdy when kicking the pig's bladder towards the goal. And it had much to do with the anarchic nature of the game. To begin with, it had no rules, so any number of teams took part in it. There were no restrictions on how the ball reached the goal. Its only saving grace was the Shrovetide period when it was played.
  • Earliest signs- What better place to look for football mentions than a book chronicling the reign of an English King! But monarchy aside, this was an account that spoke of a rule of not touching the ball. The game described here has so much in common with association football. Firstly, it was an hour-long game with a lot of riotous energy. The ball needed to be taken to the other side, and the field had boundaries. Nothing had been found yet that came so close to modern soccer terms.
  • Football, Fury, and Education- The class act of soccer today also began as a class act of the pre-modern era. To direct the turbulent energy of adolescent boys, private schools adopted a posher form of mob football. The students from Shrewsbury school decided upon a set of rules that would enable them to play other schools in a fair game. The Cambridge rules borrowed from this very handwritten document to set up modern football.

A credit too big for one shoulder

Historically England might have been the breeding ground for football. But it was not the only one. Of the earliest ball games, the name of Herpastum played by the Romans comes up. The ball that was hurled was smaller in size; nevertheless, their principles were the same. And a section of society credits it for this tradition of ball games. In another part of the world, sometime later than the Romans, the French played a sport similar to La Soule's football.

When it comes to taking credit for the invention of this sport, the whole of humanity seems to have done it sometime or the other. But now thousands of football fans can watch football highlights and Livescore on Buaksib.

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