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Which Enzymes Are Involved in DNA Replication?

DNA replication is one of the processes, researched considerably under the section of molecular biology. In the process of DNA replication, a single DNA molecule produces a couple of DNA identical replicas. This molecule, however, is one of the original ones. Such a process can be found in all living species. Moreover, this process is present in all living organisms and acts as the base of nearly every genetic inheritance.

Every cell present in it can go through a specific amount of division process that, in turn, forms it in such a way that it becomes property. This property, generally, goes through the sharing process amid every living species, and later, contributes to the DNA replication. Such an act of series also makes it a vital process. There are about six essential enzymes necessitated in the DNA replication process. Such enzymes can be gyrase, helicase, DNA polymerase III, primase, Ligase, and DNA polymerase I.

Replication Process

The DNA of human beings is more like the double helix that has the presence of a couple of strands. These strands, however, complement each other, and later go through the separation procedure when DNA replication takes place. As soon as these two standards experience separation, they begin to serve as precedented templates to facilitate the duplicate strands’ production levels. Such a process can be categorized under the term of semi-conservative replication. The all-new helix formed under such a process is a resulted composition of the initial DNA strand, and a newly synthesized strand formed out of the process.

It is vital to know that the procedure of DNA replication begins at certain locations spots found in the genome. A considerable amount of proteins then connect against the replication. Their utmost goal is to help in accommodating and continuing the DNA synthesis process. Another notable fact or discovery of DNA replication is that the operation can also perform and be a part of Vitro. It simply implies that we can complete such a process even outside the cell, with the help of an artificial series. By isolating various DNA polymerases from cells, all we have to do is begin the DNA synthesis process in our DNA template model by segregating several DNA polymerases from their cells.

Enzymes and Their Roles

Roles plaid by every enzyme is different, when it comes to the DNA replication process. The helicase enzyme, however, helps in unwinding the double helix of the DNA. Another enzyme - gyrase enzyme plays a vital role in providing relief to the torque’s buildup, which takes place in the process of unwinding. Furthermore, the primase enzyme’s function is to pave the way for laying down RNA primers. This, however, provides an initial point of the RNA, which in turn, makes everything quick and easy for these enzymes to perform their respective jobs.


The primary enzyme used for the process of DNA synthesis is the DNA polymerase III enzymes. During DNA replication, this enzyme tends to begin to add the nucleotide substrates to DNA. Several types and forms of enzymes perform many functions, but this specific enzyme is crucial when it comes to accountability. Moreover, it is one of the two essential enzymes.

DNA polymerase I is the second enzyme, which primarily helps in replacing the RNA primers with DNA. And, the sixth one is ligase, which is another vital enzyme in DNA replication. Enzyme ligase plays the role of filling the gaps left on the strands soon after the replication process is over.

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