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Which Braces Work the Fastest?

When you decide to get orthodontic treatment, your first instinct will be to go for the fastest one.

And one of the factors that determine how long and how affordable your braces treatment in Singapore will take is the type of braces you use.

All braces are effective, but people choose according to their preference. Their preference can be influenced by price, outlook, comfortability, and many other reasons.

Type of Fast Braces

Traditional Braces

The common traditional braces are metallic or ceramic. They are made of metallic brackets, the adhesive that joins the brackets to the teeth, and conjoining wires.

All of its parts are designed so that they can apply more pressure. And with all things being equal, it can straighten your teeth in 6 - 18 months.

They are very affordable and they come in different forms.

The ceramic braces are aesthetically pleasing and can be made of materials with colors similar to the patient's teeth.

People who want effective and efficient braces while being conscious of their look can go more for the traditional ceramic braces.


This comes from ‘Invisible Aligners’. They are transparent plastics made to fit the teeth perfectly. They are not fixed, and the patient needs to get a new one every couple of weeks until they get the desired result.

They have been confirmed to be very comfortable, and deliver fast results. In very mild cases, Invisalign has been said to rearrange the teeth in three months, or 1 year in adults.

There are more positive reviews on this aligner as the days go by. And people tend towards it more because of its invisibility and convenience. It can be easily removed when eating and brushing the teeth.

All these advantages make it cost more than other types of braces, but it is worth the price.

Self-ligating Braces

Self-ligating braces are similar to traditional braces except that they do not require elastic to hold the brackets together because they have special brackets.

They might not be as fast as Invisalign but they are almost as efficient as traditional braces. They are also not as invisible as Invisalign but they are less obvious than the traditional braces.

Because of the lack of conjoining wires, they are easier to clean. And makes it easier for the dentist to adjust the braces without causing much discomfort.

Lingual Braces

Lingual braces are invisible but only because they are attached to the inside of the teeth.

They are not as commonly used because they are not suitable for all situations, and are very difficult to clean due to their location.

Once a hygienist teaches you how to take proper care of them, you can be more comfortable with them.

How to Accelerate the Treatment

The type of braces you use is just a factor out of many factors that affect the speed of your treatment. Other factors that affect the speed of your treatment include.

  • Age: Due to growth in children and how it affects the flexibility of the jaw, the braces might be faster and more efficient in children.
  • Condition’s severity: Some cases are minor, which makes them faster to treat than other cases. You also have to consider your condition before choosing a type of braces.
  • Adherence to instructions: After installing the braces, there are some treatments and instructions you are to follow to aid in effective and efficient work of the braces, your compliance to these instructions can also determine how long the treatment will be for. Also, the patient is meant to observe daily oral health care with the braces, both should not affect each other.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of braces are fit for me?
You can choose the type of braces you want according to your preference but you should also consider your orthodontist’s recommendation.

Depending on your condition and what you want to achieve, your orthodontist knows what is best suited for you.

Is the fastest treatment always effective?
The effectiveness does not depend on how fast or slow the treatment is. Get the braces best suited for your needs and no matter how long it takes, it will give you the desired result.

Also, because the treatment is fast does not mean the result will not be as effective. Once your orthodontist approves of it, you are good to go with it.

How long does braces treatment take?
Not considering other influencing factors, braces treatments should take between 6 to 24 months, and in special or rare cases; 30 months.


Having a beautiful and confident smile is the goal, you should be more focused on getting the desired result than considering the time it will take.

If you are more concerned about the visibility of the braces or their convenience, you can go for the more convenient or invisible braces mentioned in this article.

All in all, ensure you are comfortable with it, your orthodontist approves of it every step of the way and you get your desired result.

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