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Where to Buy Sex Toys Online: 5 Websites to Shop At

sex toys

Did you know that the global sex toy market is expected to reach $52.7 billion over the next six years?

Whether you want to use them by yourself or with your partner, there's no doubt that the right sex toys can take your sex life to a whole new level. Here's a list of 30 amazing health benefits of lovemaking! From pain relief and decreased stress to improved brainpower, research shows that an active sex life can make people happier and healthier... check it out here: 30 Remarkable Health Benefits of Sex.

We know that not everyone feels comfortable going to physical sex shops. The good news is that this problem couldn't be easier to overcome, as nowadays, you can get a sex toy delivered to your door discreetly, in a matter of a few clicks. Keep reading and learn where to buy sex toys online!

1. Pleasure Chest

Pleasure Chest stands out from the competition because it has a lot of LGBTQ+ inclusive toys, namely an entire line of products designed for transgender men and women to enhance their sex life, including vagina dilators, breast pumps, and transmasculine strokers.

Besides their incredible array of sex toys, Pleasure Chest also offers free workshops every week, tailored at anyone who wants to expand their sexual education.

2. Maude

Minimalist and modern: the two words that best describe Maude.

Perfect for those who have just started using sex toys, this store offers products for the before, during, and after, such as bath salts, a USB-charged personal massager, and compostable compressed towels to freshen up.

Subscribe to their newsletter and you'll get $5 off your first order!

3. We-Vibe

If you're looking for a sex toy to enjoy with your partner, We-Vibe is definitely a shop to explore, as several of its toys have earned the award of best couples product, in 2016, 2017, and 2018.

With over 2 million clients all over the world, We-Vibe offers a lot of innovative items, including wearables and app-enabled toys, perfect for long-distance relationships.

4. Good Vibrations

Good Vibrations offers plenty of sex toys but that's not all.

The brand also has educational books and it organizes regular sexual health outreach workshops.

Although its products are a bit more expensive than in other stores, with Good Vibrations you can guarantee that each toy you buy is body-safe and high-quality, which makes the investment 100% worth it.

5. Adam & Eve

Adam & Eve have been around since 1970, so if you're looking for a true O.G. in the sex toy market, this is it.

As the name suggests, the store offers products for women, men, and couples, including penis pumps, vibrating bullets, arousal creams, and adult games.

It also has a fetish section, where you can find love swings, sex machines, and bondage equipment.

Many of Adam & Eve's products are quite affordable and, additionally, you can easily have access to coupons and free gifts.

Where to Buy Sex Toys Online: Now You Know

There are many reliable websites where you can purchase your new sex toy and that will deliver it in the most discreet way possible.

Now that you know exactly where to buy sex toys online, it's time to choose the perfect one for you. Remember to stay safe and we know you'll have the best time with your new purchase!

If you enjoyed reading this article and you'd like to check more of the same kind, make sure to keep exploring our website.

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