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Where to Buy Latisse in Canada?

Buy Latisse

If one of your beauty wishes is for longer, stronger eyelashes, it turns out you're not alone. Cosmetic industry innovators have long had their eyes on lashes. There has been a steady raft of products designed to enhance this prominent and feathery facial facet, with good reasoning. A recent study by the University of BC has identified eyelashes as a key feature contributing to facial attractiveness and revealing significant participant aversion to females with short lashes. Whilst many cosmetic approaches, such as mascara and eyelash extensions, offer temporary solutions, there is a growing trend towards the development of more permanent solutions.

With the market now awash with lash serums claiming to do the job, let's examine how industry leader Latisse is lengths ahead of the competition in the eyes of Canadian consumers. What's special about Latisse in Canada, and where you can purchase it.

Out-lashing the competition

Latisse is a prescription-only eyelash growth serum with scientific credentials, proven efficacy, and widespread dermatological endorsement. It consistently ranks at the top of beauty editors' best lash serum lists. Unlike its competitors, many of which provide more cosmetological solutions and include lash conditioning natural ingredients, Latisse has a medicinal action. Clinical trials of the product produced a 106% boost in lash volume, and a 25% increase in lash length. In addition, lashes were also observed to have darkened by 18%. The effects are gradual and occur due to the active ingredient, synthetic hormone bimatoprost, which is expressed in a 0.03% ophthalmic solution. Bimatoprost helps to increase the density and length of hairs that grow during a single growth phase.

Where to buy in Canada

Health Canada has approved Latisse as a prescription treatment for eyelash growth. As such, you will need to have a doctor's consultation to discuss whether the product is appropriate to your circumstances and obtain a legal prescription. The use and sale of Latisse are regulated in the same way as most medicines as it is not without possible side effects. Any adverse reactions are mediated in large part by its referral-only status, as well as with careful adherence to all usage instructions. Latisse prescriptions can be filled at various pharmacies or specialist practices throughout Canada, with availability subject to your location. Latisse in Canada stockists include cosmetic physician offices, dermatologists, and pharmacies. In all instances, you will be required to provide a prescription to purchase the product.

Accident of science

Latisse was discovered by researchers of the glaucoma drug Lumigan, who noticed hair growth as one of the medicine's side effects. It's administered to the upper eyelid only and is generally prescribed for use as a once-daily topical application over 16 weeks. Following this initial phase, you will likely be provided with a maintenance dosage prescription. This will require application twice to three times per week. The maintenance dosage is necessary for treatment if you wish to experience ongoing results. If you stop using Latisse altogether, your lashes will likely revert to their previous state over the course of weeks or several months.

To purchase Latisse in Canada, simply attend any pharmacy that stocks the product, taking your valid prescription. You also have the option of purchasing the product from online Canadian pharmacies. Online pharmacies have attracted interest in Canada as a convenient and often cost-effective shopping alternative. They provide the option of having your products delivered directly to your home. It's essential to note that even when shopping from an online pharmacy, a valid prescription will be required to purchase Latisse. Aside from these two options, Canadian residents will find that Latisse is also available from selected dermatologist practices, day spas, and other reputable beauty service providers.

Men lacking in the hair and beard department should also take note, as studies into the efficacy of Latisse as a treatment for stimulating hair and beard growth in men are ongoing. While a GQ article praised the product as 'the miracle hair-growth product you've never heard of', the functionality of Latisse in restoring men's hair appears to be primarily in thickening the hair instead of increasing its length.

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