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Where Should You Buy CBD Products?

CBD Products

By now, most people are aware of the remarkable health benefits of CBD. The dominant non-psychoactive compound within cannabis, CBD has been shown to have a wealth of positive applications: in managing pain and inflammation, in protecting the brain and nervous system, in offering relief from mental disorders, in facilitating sleep and in doing so much more for the brain and body.

So, if you are interested in buying CBD for the very first time, where should you go? You have a few different options to choose from, but one is certainly better than the rest.

In Drugstores

Drugstores are convenient places for picking up essential tools for managing health. Often, drugstores make it easy to find the exact health-related product you need for a reasonable price, so you do not have to search for a product that can bring you relief. These days, national drugstores carry a wide range of CBD products in states where they are legally allowed to do so, so you might have already seen CBD on your latest trip to your neighborhood drugstore.

Unfortunately, drugstores are not the best option for buying CBD. Often, drugstores prioritize the prices of the products they sell, and in the cannabis industry, the lowest-priced products do not tend to have the quality that users need. What’s more, drugstore employees are not likely to be experienced with CBD products, so any questions you might have about CBD cannot be answered by store staff. Though it might seem convenient, you are likely to be wasting your time and money buying CBD from a drugstore.

In CBD Stores

Local CBD stores are much more reliable spaces for finding the quality CBD and staff expertise that you need as a first-time CBD user. These stores have a wide variety of CBD products in different forms, like smokables, edibles and topicals, so you can receive the precise effects you need from CBD. Even better, you can gain access to one-on-one attention from trained employees, who can direct you to the products that are best suited to your unique circumstances.

However, there are some downsides to brick-and-mortar CBD stores. For one, prices in CBD stores tend to be exceedingly high, as these stores must account for the costs of running a physical location as well as the costs of the high-quality CBD products themselves. What’s more, you are limited to the products CBD stores have available on their shelves. At first, this might not be an issue, but as you gain more familiarity with CBD, you might be interested in sampling brands and products that your local CBD store does not stock.

CBD Products?


The internet is the best source of CBD, hands down. Online stores contain every CBD product you can imagine from essentially every CBD brand on the planet. What’s more, because you are usually buying straight from the company responsible for your favorite CBD products, you are likely to save money on your purchases. Often, web stores will give you discounts if you join their mailing list or join a loyalty program, and you can take advantage of promotions to receive free shipping and other perks.

The only potential downside to buying CBD online is the lack of support for new CBD consumers. However, you should be able to connect with a customer service representative either through online chat or over the phone if you have any pressing questions about products. Because these professionals tend to be associated with a specific brand, they will likely have even deeper knowledge about and passion for their products than the employees at your local CBD store.

In Dispensaries

Your final option when it comes to buying CBD products is a cannabis dispensary. Cannabis dispensaries exist in states with medical and/or recreational cannabis regulations as a means of safely and legally selling psychoactive cannabis products to consumers. Because CBD is not psychoactive, most states allow CBD to be sold outside dispensaries. Still, you might want to visit a dispensary if you are interested in taking advantage of the entourage effect, which suggests that CBD is more effective in the presence of psychoactive compounds like THC. Budtenders, or employees of dispensaries, can also assist you in finding high-CBD, low-THC strains of weed, if you do not mind the prospect of getting slightly high in pursuit of CBD’s effects.

You are not the last person to try CBD, and while you waited for your first CBD experience, the market of CBD products expanded to provide you with plenty of options. Whether you buy your CBD in a drugstore or a dispensary, you should enjoy the benefits of CBD on your health.

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