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Where Can You Buy CBD Products Legally?

Buy CBD Cannabidiol (CBD) is the second-most-common cannabinoid within cannabis, but it is rapidly becoming the first-most-valued cannabinoid by users. Early research indicates that CBD offers a wealth of health benefits, from reducing seizures to managing pain to eliminating nausea and facilitating sleep. Even better, most CBD products don’t cause that pesky marijuana high, which is largely why cannabis products are illegal to begin with.

So, if CBD is so beneficial and lacks many qualities perceived to be dangerous within cannabis, where can adults get ahold of CBD products? Well, the answer to that question can be complicated.

What Kind of CBD Do You Want?

Not all CBD products are the same. Even setting aside (for now) the deceitful CBD products that lack active ingredients and include various toxic contaminants, CBD products come in many forms. To start, there are three types of CBD-dominant products:

  • Isolate. CBD Isolate is the most refined CBD product, which has stripped away all other compounds within cannabis, like terpenes and other cannabinoids. Thus, isolate will not carry any cannabis flavor or result in any amount of THC high. Isolate can be expensive, and it comes in a powder as opposed to a more practical oil.
  • Full spectrum. Full-spectrum CBD oil is the direct opposite of isolate: containing almost all THC and terpene content present in the raw plant. Because hemp grown for CBD must contain only trace amounts of THC, it is unlikely that full-spectrum products will get users high, but they might cause a drug test failure. However, there might be some benefit of utilizing terpenes and cannabinoids by way of the entourage effect.
  • Broad spectrum. Broad-spectrum CBD products are somewhere between isolate and full spectrum. Most often, they filter out THC while leaving terpenes and CBD. While this ostensibly sounds like the best option, broad-spectrum products have a large amount of variation in CBD content, which can make dosing more difficult.

Typically, broad-spectrum and isolate CBD are available most anywhere because they lack psychotropic THC, which is the primary reason marijuana has long been banned. Even so, there is another consideration for potential CBD users to make…

Where Do You Live?

Because the U.S. Federal Government continues to reject the idea that any marijuana product might be medically beneficial, there are few laws on the nationwide books regarding how CBD should be regulated and sold. In effect, because CBD is non-psychoactive, the FDA has long ignored it; though the agency has asked for funding to study CBD in depth, the White House has in turn ignored those requests.

Buy CBD Fortunately, many states have stepped in to offer more regulation to keep residents safe from unscrupulous CBD sellers. Unfortunately, these regulations are all over the place. For example, in Idaho, Iowa and South Dakota, CBD is illegal in all forms. In a number of other states, CBD cannot be sold within edibles, like food and beverages. Meanwhile, some states have unique regulations — take Florida, which regulates CBD labeling, or Delaware, where CBD must come from hemp growers affiliated with the state university. 

In almost all states where CBD is legal in some form, almost any retailer is allowed to sell CBD products. There are a few exceptions, like Utah and Missouri, which require a seller to seek a CBD license. In many states where CBD edibles aren’t permitted in typical stores, they can be sold in licensed marijuana dispensaries.

What Quality Will You Settle for?

The unpredictable variation in CBD regulation at the state level coupled with near-negligence at the federal level has opened the door wide for snake-oil-style CBD. Studies on some cheap CBD products have found them to contain almost no CBD — or at least well below what the product advertised — and other CBD products have been found to contain toxic substances like lead and formaldehyde.

Users should be careful to research any products that can affect their health, but it is especially important to pay attention to products that lack any kind of oversight. Though they might come with a slightly higher cost, CBD products from dispensaries tend to be higher quality because they have been tested and approved by dispensary owners. Plus, more intense CBD products are often to be found at dispensaries; for example, Salem dispensaries boast some of the highest-content CBD products in the country.

Ultimately, users in most states can find CBD products almost anywhere, but that doesn’t mean that the CBD available from the convenience store is worthwhile. With the right research, users should be able to find safe, quality CBD as long as it is legal in their state.

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