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When Will There Be a Vaccine for COVID-19?

Vaccine for COVID19

Over the past several months, over 26 million cases of Covid-19 have been recorded across the globe. With these numbers continuing to rise, many people have begun to wonder if there will ever be a vaccine for Covid-19. If you like many others in the world are wondering if a vaccine for Covid-19 could be in our future, stick around for the latest news and research of a vaccine for coronavirus.

The Race for a Vaccine for Covid-19

The race for a vaccine for Covid-19 has been in the making since infection numbers started rising earlier this year. As of now, there are currently 170 different candidates for a vaccine that are being tracked by the World Health Organization.

Out of these 170 potential vaccines, only seven have made it to Phase III large-scale human trials. Out of these seven, none have yet been approved for widespread use.

Of all the vaccines currently in different phases of testing, many are working to provide different forms of treatment. Some vaccines are being developed solely for preventative care and exist to prevent Covid-19 from entering the cells of a healthy person. Others are working to prolong the lives of patients that are already infected with the disease.

Aside from a normal vaccine shot, researchers are also looking to alternative methods of treatment and prevention. These include plasma and blood infusions, treatment with over the counter pain medications, stem cell treatments, and more.

Timeline of Approval

While vaccines normally take years to research and produce, global researchers are looking to produce a vaccine for the coronavirus in as little as 12 to 18 months. Scientists are specifically looking at combinations of medicines and vaccines that already exist instead of creating a new medical compound as this could take decades to produce.

Keeping up with the latest news of approvals is highly important to the future of our health! Companies like Roivant Sciences work hard to keep everyone up to date on the latest findings in biomedicine and the latest news on a vaccine for Covid-19.

Potential Cost of a Vaccine

One of the biggest concerns for countries across the globe when it comes to cover-19 research is the actual cost that a vaccine would have for patients if and when it were to go to market. Countries of all socio-economic backgrounds are concerned about potential monopolies on Covid-19 vaccine compounds and are also concerned about potential unfair price markups for patients.

Some companies with vaccines in Phase III trials have already started offering price points for what their potential vaccine cost would look like. Moderna, a Cambridge Massachusetts biomedical technology company has hinted that their vaccine would cost between $32 and $37 per dose. However, the United States government has been in talks with the company to offer subsidies to lower the cost of the drug to anywhere between $4 and $20 per dose.

Staying Informed

With a world pandemic that is continuing to spiral out of control, staying informed on the latest happenings in the medical technology industry is more important now than ever before. Remember to stay up to date on the latest news as scientists across the globe work to find a vaccine for this dangerous virus!

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