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What You Should Know About Kratom?


In the current scenario, the importance of natural herb is increasing day by day. One of such highly useful herb is leaves from a coffee plant called “Kratom”. It is a plant used since the native times in Southeast Asia which is regarded best for pain relief and other health issues. Here are few points you should have knowledge regarding Kratom. Let’s have a go through them:

1. What Is Kratom?

Mitragyna speciosa is a tree from which the Kratom herb is derived. There are many ways to consume it like using it as tea, take in crushed leaves, use in capsule, use in liquid form as Kratom extract, crushing, etc.

2. Mechanism Of Kratom In Our Body

Based on the amount of dosage, Kratom has ability to perform different functions in the body. At considerably low dose of Kratom, a stimulating effect is visible while at high dosage, a sedating and calming effect is visible in the body of the person.

3. Why Do People Take Kratom?

People take Crazy Kratom considering the fact that it offer various advantages to the users. It is a common energy booster, pain reliever, mood enhancer, and anti-depressant. In addition, it is also used as an anti-inflammatory substance.

4. Is Kratom Addictive?

Based on some researches, kratom has addictive properties. It is resulted that 1 out of 10 people acquired withdrawal symptoms when they quit taking Kratom after some time. Well it is less addictive as compared to other medications, anyhow it may be complex to stop using it after, if consumed regularly for a considerable long time.

5. Most Common Advantages

Few of the most crucial advantages of Kratom are its use as a energy booster and mood enhancer. It changes the levels of different hormones in the body such as corticosterone and acetylcholine and thus, boosts the metabolism in our bodies. More significantly, it enhances the focus and concentration abilities in the person thus allowing him to act adequately in his daily life chores.

6. Risks Associated With Kratom

In addition to the various advantages and benefits which Kratom offers, there are also some risks related with it. Kratom if taken in high dose, causes side effects such as diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, itching and light to intense sedation. Researches have also concluded in liver problems due to Kratom if taken in high amount.

7. Half Life Of Kratom In Our Body

There are significant points which calculate how much time Kratom will stay in our bodies. These factors include age, dosage, water and dietary intake, genetics, body fat and frequency of consumption.

8. Common Myths About Kratom

It is generally considered that if a herb is being used by the people, it is safe. But in actual, these herbs may not be tested and verified by Food and Drug Authority before entering into the market. Therefore, it is very crucial to consider the risks associated with any herb before using it.

9. Symptoms Seen In Individuals

People who are taking in high amount of Kratom can easily be noticed. They encounter common symptoms such as sweating, itching, changed appetite and changed mood. They may also go through low self esteem and depression disorders.

10. General History

For many years, farmers chewed the leaves of Kratom to enhance their energy levels during work. However, due to some serious effects of Kratom, it was banned in Thailand and Malaysia in respectively some years back. Even during the banned period, Kratom kept being used as an energy booster in various countries.

Taking Kratom in a proper dose is not dangerous, however, if a person consumes it in a higher dose, it can be harmful. These were the some main points about Kratom which every user must know.

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