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What To Do if Your Tooth Filling Fell Out

Tooth Filling Fell Out

Is your tooth filling falling out, and you don't know what to do? Sometimes things happen no matter how diligent you are with brushing and going to the dentist. Perhaps you had a mishap while eating and knocked out your tooth, or you were brushing, and a tooth filling fell out.

Filling falling out happens in even the best-run clinics. Since you only go to the dentist when there's a problem, you may have forgotten what to do if a filling needs to be attended to.

But what do you do when a tooth filling falls out at home? Keep reading for more info on what to do if your tooth filling fell out and to avoid further complications.

Call Your Dentist Immediately

If your tooth filling falls out, you should call your dentist immediately. They will be able to assess the situation and determine if you need a new filling or not. If the filling is still in good condition, they may be able to put it back in.

However, if the filling is damaged, you will likely need a new one. In either case, it is best to have a professional handle it to protect your tooth.

Consult your family dentist for more dental filling things to know tips to prevent further problems and ensure proper tooth repair.

What if You Feel Pain?

If there is pain, you may need to wait about three days before booking a dental appointment. The dentist can't operate if there is swelling as it can cause some complications.

You can do a few things to ease the pain and get the filling back in place. To start, rinse your mouth with warm water and apply a numbing agent to the area.

It's best to take over-the-counter medication to help with the pain. You can also use a cold compress to help with any swelling.

You can also try to apply clove oil to the affected area. Clove oil has natural anesthetic properties that can help to numb the pain.

You can also try to replace the filling using a tooth-filling kit. However, if the filling is large or you are not confident in your ability to replace it, you should wait before going to a dentist.

Reasons Why Dental Fillings Fall Out

Dental fillings are used to fill cavities and repair tooth damage. They are made from various materials, including gold, silver, composite resin, and ceramic. There are a few different reasons why dental fillings fall out, such as:

The Filling is Not the Right Size
Depending on the size of the filling, your dentist may be able to replace it. However, if the filling is too large, you may need a new dental crown. A missing tooth filling can leave your tooth at risk to decay and infection, so it is vital to have it fixed as soon as possible.

If the filling is not the right size, it can also cause pain and damage to your tooth. A dentist can determine if the filling needs to be replaced or if they can repair it.

The Filling Is Not Placed Correctly
It is possible that the filling was not placed correctly and will need to be redone. In the meantime, you can try to put the filling back in place using dental adhesive. If you cannot do this, you should cover the opening with sugarless gum or dental cement.

New Decay Around the Filling
Tooth decay can cause your dental filling to come loose. An expert must examine it to determine the extent of the damage. Avoid putting your filling back, as it may have some contaminants that can infect your tooth decay.

Chemical Reactions
A tooth filling may fall out because of a change in the pH balance of your mouth. A switch from a more acidic environment to a more alkaline one, or vice versa, can lead to a chemical reaction that breaks down the filling.

Dental Trauma
The filling can be loose when a tooth is hit or knocked out of alignment. The tooth may also be cracked or chipped, which can cause the filling to fall out. See your dentist immediately if you have a filling that falls out.

Excessive Teeth Grinding
This habit can put a lot of pressure on your teeth, causing them to loosen and eventually fall out. You can talk to a dentist if you think you may have a grinding habit. They can help you find ways to stop and prevent further damage to your teeth.

Things to Avoid If Your Tooth Filling Fell Off

Your tooth filling falling out can be a severe issue. Not only is it a health concern, but it can also be a cosmetic one. There are a few things you should avoid doing in the meantime.

Don't wait to make a dentist appointment. The sooner you see a dentist, the better. When a tooth filling falls out, it leaves the tooth exposed to bacteria and other elements that can cause decay.

It's also important to avoid chewing gum or anything else on that side of your mouth. It can cause further damage to your tooth. You should also avoid eating hard or crunchy foods. If the tooth is bleeding, you can apply pressure to the area with a clean cloth. 

Furthermore, try to refrain from touching the affected area. It is important to avoid introducing any bacteria into the open cavity. 

Costs to Replace Dental Fillings

A dental filling can range anywhere from $50 to $300. It will depend on the size of the filling and the type of material used.

So if you're struggling to afford a new dental filling, ask your dentist about payment plans or dental insurance. And in the meantime, try to avoid eating sugary or sticky foods that could further damage your tooth.

Consult Your Dentist to Get Your Fillings Checked Immediately

If your tooth filling fell out, it's important to see a dentist as soon as possible. In the meantime, rinse your mouth with warm water and place a piece of sugarless gum over the affected area. Avoid eating hard or sticky foods, as this can cause further damage.

Leaving a tooth exposed can lead to further decay and damage. Schedule an appointment with your dentist today to ensure your smile stays healthy and strong.

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