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What Is an X-Ray, and How to Prepare for It?

An X-ray is a quick and painless test that is used to see inside the body. X-ray is known as radiography which helps to differentiate between soft tissues and dense matter like bones. Radiography uses a very small amount of electromagnetic radiation to create images of structures inside the body that can be viewed digitally. It can be done to view teeth, bones, making them useful for diagnosing breaks, fractures and diseases like arthritis. Doctors request an x-ray to look at organs and structures inside the chest, including hearts, lungs, breasts etc. Narellan is the town in Australia where you can find the best Xray Narellan centres for the best experience. 

How to prepare for an X-ray

While taking an X-ray, there are some certain things that you need to do and process to prepare. 

Here are some tips on how to prepare for your X-ray process. 

Consult your doctor before the procedure

Before getting an X-ray, it is important to talk to your doctor, especially if you are breastfeeding or if you think you may be pregnant. Because during the X-ray, you will be exposed to small amounts of radiation that can be dangerous for the developing fetus. Depending on the situation, the process may be considered. 

Ask if you need to be fasting

You may be requested to fast before the x-ray process, but it completely depends on the type of x-ray test you receive. Fasting is necessary only for a certain type of x-ray where you should not eat or drink for eight to 12 hours before your test. If you are the one who consumes medicine, then take medicine only with a small sip of water. 

Wear comfortable clothes and shoes

You need to comfortably dress for an x-ray because you will most likely be removing your outfit before the exam or waiting for an extended period. Therefore, you can wear loose clothing that you can easily remove. However, you will be given the hospital gown during the x-ray process. For chest X-ray, you will normally undress from the waist up. 

Remove all accessories

Usually, during the x-ray, you will be asked to remove all your jewellery, glasses and metal objects. Therefore, it is advisable to leave all your jewellery at home. As well as remove your glass and other metal objects from your home. 

Arrive early to your appointment

You need to fill out additional paperwork, so it is better to arrive early to your appointment. When you visit an X-ray technician, remember to carry your signed form from your doctor. This form tells the technician about the areas of the body being examined and what x-ray should be done. 

Empty your bladder before the process

You need to empty your bladder before the procedure if you have an abdominal x-ray because you are not allowed to move or leave the exam room once the procedure has begun. 

Wrapping up

Follow all these steps and prepare yourself before getting into the x-ray room. When you approach your doctor, they will completely guide you in the entire process. 

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