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What is Weed? Everything You Need To Know

What is Weed?

From time to time, many things change in a society for good, trends get replaced and some taboos turn out to be the talk of routine. Now whether you have the idea or not but today we are talking about a plant based drug called weed.

Known for many names, including Hashish, Maryjane, Dagga, Cannabis, Marijuana and Hemp, weed falls second on the list of most popular drugs that are commonly consumed, especially by youngsters.

Well, as it is important for us to gather knowledge about all the topics, we must also have some grip on the functioning and types of weed nowadays. To cater to the need, we have broken down for you all the important information related to cheap weed. So, gear up and read until we meet again at the end;

Types Of Weed

Weed is available by nature in different types and the effects of each type vary. The basic two types of weed come from 2 different species of the Cannabis plant. These species are named as Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis Indica.

The usage of every weed type depends on the needs of the consumer. Also, each type differs in terms of its effects because some have mild effects while some have high. For a clear understanding, let's discuss one by one some of the common types of weed;


In order to grow, Sativa requires certain lighting where there should be darkness for 11 hours each day. It mainly grows in South Africa and Mexico. It has a low amount of THC but a high amount of CBD.

  • Sativa provides energy
  • Helps with focus
  • Mostly people who suffer from depression use it.


It grows near the Afghanistan region in Kush and it looks like a bush. The leaves look rounder than Sativa. It is opposite compared to Sativa because it has a high THC amount while it is low on CBD.

  • It prefers mountainous and cold areas to flourish
  • It is sedating as well as relaxing
  • People mostly consume it before leaving for bed
  • It often comes in handy to serve people suffering from pain and insomnia.


Most of the weed strains available out there are hybrid ones that are produced by combining two strains so they serve the effects of both strains.

  • It energies
  • It gives a head high


Compared to the other two major species of weed, Ruderalis is shorter but has large leaves. It doesn't require certain lighting or conditions to grow but grows according to its age.

  • It is low on THC
  • It is a kind of medicinal marijuana.

Coveted Strains Of Weed

Everyone responds differently to weed and this is why the choice making must be careful. The names for some coveted strains are;

Purple Kush:

It is high on THC and gives a body high. The term purple in the name indicates the color of it and Kush refers to the region it originated from.

Majorly, people who fall the victims of depression and pain use this type of weed to seek physical relaxation.

Sour Diesel

Carrying the effects of both Sativa and Indica, Sour Diesel has a high level of THC. Due to this potency, it gives the head rush. Its flowers are known to create a gasoline like substance.

People who have mild stress and anxiety consume it.

Blue Dream

Being more like Sativa, it helps in focussing. It tastes more like sugar and blueberries. However, its origin is still unknown but it helps people suffering from fatigue and having appetite issues. Also, it can be used to lower the depression level.

Hopefully, now you know some important information about weed including the names of different weed strains and also how they are helpful for some people.

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